Tuesday, June 1, 2010

my 18th tomorrow

okay, the person who say happy birthday the 1st to me by phone is my MOM xD
whuaaa thank u so much mom mwahh mwaahh

and the person who the first sending happy birthday to me by sms is Achmad hahahaha
thank u so much friend, u still remember my birthday ^^

how happy I'm, I ever think, what about if I ever forget my birthday?:P

bcause I always remember, lol
alhamdulillah ^^

welcome June

ok let's see what will be my story in this month

startin from today, I went to my kos and put my shirts, step by step, and tomorrow morning me and my brother will go there again, about move on there?
will be started after I get my ktp :P

i miss my mom and my dad so much :'(