Wednesday, July 27, 2016


people who makes you smile are not always the people that you are close to

sometimes they are who you say Hello to

even though just saying the good things for me, ah I'm happy for some people that care about me

thank you, thank you Allah... 

Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Kali Kedua

Cukup sekali saja

Aku pernah merasa

Betapa menyiksa 


Kau tak terganti

Kau yang selalu kunanti

Takkan kulepas lagi

Pegang tanganku

Bersama jatuh cinta

Kali kedua, pada yang sama...
Sama indahnya...

(Raisa bilang kali kedua, namun aku merasa lebih dari itu)

little garden in the office

it's not much but I love to gives them water once in 2 days

the left, at first was only 1 leaf, I was sad seeing it alone, but it last for months! since December I took care of it,  I was worried when it started to yellow! then I tried to give it friends of Salak's fruit seed, then the magical things happen, the sprout comes out and keeps growing until the 1st leaf died, but grateful seeing them growing happily, I feel loved and it's great showing what we feel towards plants

and now, I'm trying planting the dates seeds! whoa hopefully they'll grow happily

Monday, July 18, 2016

When life gives you apple, ask for cinnamon

This year I learned a lot, specially about how to be thankful, and more than that Allah show me how to feel pain, ah this one I dont want to actually, if I have to choose between decline and accept, I'd like to choose the first one!

Been tried to telling myself that was part of life, if I never been there then how did I know what it feels like to be in pain...

if it's not okay then it's not the end....

Allah, I know you give me lemon right now, so can I ask for mint?or soda?so they both can give some freshness in my life, tee hee

Sunday, July 17, 2016

Hmph then hi

Never been in love before to dates
These 3 years I've found myself for liking things I've never liked before, such as caramel, dates, chocolate, strawberry

For some moments I really into them, as if God wants to show me that's the life rules, basically the earth shaped shows us, life is round, sometimes up and down, today we may dislike something, and turned into like too much.

Nah there are more, political and business, I dont know why they are both gives high impact to the countries, but personally they're sounds not peaceful πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

Lots of conflict there...ah or maybe one day I'll put my interest there?

Saturday, July 16, 2016

stop interfere

people don't know what I've been through
and how I deal with myself which is harder than deal with other people...

and how easy they're asking to get married soon
don't you know asking when to get married is just the same when you're asking when will you have a child?or when will you get pregnant?

the positive side I'm thankful that they care about me
the negative side I'm annoyed why you interfere with my life?

I'll be more delightful if you just pray for my good future behind me

My God am I being sensitive lately?
that's just because they're keep asking
if only they just ask one or twice, not everytime we meet in group, it's okay...

Actually life is fair indeed, it's just the people make it sounds doesn't...

yo, what's up?

Tuesday, July 12, 2016

the real happiness

one of my colleagues told me that the happiness in here (where I live right now) is not real, not genuine, then I imagine, if we be thankful, will it be enough?

kinda not sure and understand by that, how come, make it happen the happiness through yourself

"whenever you've reached home, and got nothing to do, you'll ended up playing game, don't you?"

honestly a bit agree with this one, but playing game make us happy right?

the more I think about it, as if we're looking for happiness which mean we can't make it, we lives in sadness, oh no

dont be, happiness and sadness just like two side of coins, they completed each other, so that's how life was born...

Saturday, July 9, 2016

Soda can't befriended with chocolate

My 3rd elder brother loves soda
And I'm sad
Bcause I know it's not good for him
I wanna give him loads of chocolate every single day, so he only thinks to drink water
Bcause chocolate doesn't match with soda hahahahaha

Thursday, July 7, 2016


the best things about having siblings :

- My older sister dont mind if I asked her to put pants on me like a baby, ups big baby?hahahha
- I dont mind changing clothes in front of her as long as she didn't stare at me
- My older brothers don't mind if I asked them for help, dropped me to somewhere else 
- I am the youngest in the family, so my brothers never mad on me if I pranked them hahahaha
- My sister is the only one who got awkward whenever I hug her
- I only show my crankiness to my siblings, whatever I've done my siblings always be the one who understand and accept the way you are
- You can be whatever you want as long it's not negative things to your siblings, I have a time when to annoy them tee hee
- Family is a place where you can say anything, telling stories a whole day and what you've been through
- The family's support is such a life's motivation

How about you? 

Tuesday, July 5, 2016

Ied Day

Ya Allah, hari terakhir Ramadhan rasanya beraat banget...
Entah masih ada rasa kurang puas dan kurang maksimal menjalani puasa Ramadhan dalam sebulan ini...
Semoga Allah mempertemukan kita kembali dengan Ramadhan tahun depan, allahumma aamiin...

Selama 24 tahun, baru sekali merayakan Idul Fitri di Indonesia, Cibinong, Bogor.
Itupun terasa sepi sekali, karena jauh dari keluarga, hanya berdua dengan Kakak nomer 2, selepas sholat Ied kembali ke rumah sembari rebahan...

Kalaupun di Riyadh setiap tahun ya gitu gitu saja, sholat Ied di KBRI, salam salaman, menikmati sajian Idul Fitri di wisma Dubes, kemudian menyajikan kateringan buat para pengunjung WNI yang ke KBRI, siang hari pulang ke rumah istirahat, besoknya agenda baru lagi, yang pastinya tidak ada tarawih...

Kemudian seminggu setelahnya kembali dengan rutinitas sebagaimana sebelum Ramadhan, dan yang perempuan membayar hutang puasa karena haid, sesuai dengan hari masing masing

Tidak banyak yang spesial, kemudian selama 3 hari berturut turut pada jam 10:00 pm ada kembang api di beberapa titik di kota Riyadh, keunikan di Saudi Arabia adalah mereka menyalakan kembang api hanya saat merayakan Idul Fitri saja, selebihnya tidak ada, bahkan New Year pun tidak ada...

Karena yang terpenting dan spesial adalah kala merayakan Idul Fitri bersama keluarga, terutama orangtua dan saudara...

Monday, July 4, 2016

Holy Month

Month of Ramadhan is coming to an end...
I hope we'll meet again with Ramadhan's month on next year, aamiin
Ramadhan in every year always has its different story, on last year, God granted my wish when I have to decide which one in two, then I got the answer right away at the same time...
And also they give back my money as a gift after I performed umroh and on the way back to Riyadh, which means I got free for everything! alhamdulillah

This year, I love it when my work time changed while Ramadhan its started at 10:00 am hahahaha 

The sad thing that I love to buy grocery, such going to the supermarket (I prefer going to the supermarket than mall) and make a plan what to cook, but in the end I dont have time to!!

Everytime I wanna cook but my Mom already cooked some, so I planning te day after that but end up I have to go to work early in the morning, ended up with having some snack only ergh

Okay back to Ramadhan, I hope God answer one of my prayers...
Ramadhan always be special month...

Saturday, July 2, 2016

b i m b a n g

I cant accept it if someone told me that God gives us full of freedom of life
means that we can do anything beyond all, we are free, but still we have to take responsibility later in afterlife of what we've done

wanna cry all day, until out of energy
I know I dont have any right to feel this

help me...

I'm reaching the max...

I know I'm free to take a choice for every choices

I still wanna believe that everything is under control of God...
so there's no way, there's no chance for me to think negatively...

I need proves that God is the best and only one the best of all the best planner...
show me...

I need something for cure...