Sunday, September 22, 2013

Monday, September 16, 2013

let's cook!

CHICKEN SOUP!I made it, yeehhaaa
so these days I tried to cook for my family, and that was a happiness for me, you know when you have to make food for people you love and made it with whole of your heart :)

lemme give you my recipe :p
it's easy first you have to chops potatoes, tomatoes, celery, carrots and chives into like this:

and after that boil the part of chicken, I mean that been pieces to get the broth, while it's boiling, add the white onion that been cooked first (you have to blend white onions and cook it, until it turns green, such this below picture) 

cooked white onions (you can store this in fridge) but for my family it can be use for any Indonesia food such Soto Ayam 

after that, wait about 1 minute, put in potatoes, and carrots. until they got soft or not hard put in tomatoes, and then celery and chives

oh, add it lada, salt and sugar about fourth one tea spoon (well, as your flavor) aaaaand TADAAAAAAAA!

Chicken Soup by me! hehe, how?how? looks delicious right?of course it is, my family love it specially my father
have a nice try :D

oh I learned rather than using MSG, change it to sugar will have no big different taste, sugar are more savory and healthy 

Sunday, September 8, 2013

oh! it's September!

hello readers!back again, after month?
nowadays I love and got enthusiastic so I wanna know more about food photography, so Im just like insta-person, wherever and whenever I eat, specially when I eat outside, take a piicc fiiirsst hehe :p
this photo must be late post bcause it's must be about last month, my friend, Farah made sushiii, and k Afaf made bashamel and it's very nyummmyy

check it out, cekidot :)

bashamel and sushi? a nice try for those who got insomnia, believe me, there's no such a pill to get sleep, just eat these and you're gonna get sleepy, a nice night!

sushi (tuna, rice, cucumber and carrot, seaweed)

this one abang Faris bought me CINNAMON!oh how I loveeee cinnamon, no matter what for me Cinnamon was always delishooo