Friday, December 31, 2010


Hopefully I could be better than before!
there are so many wishes for this new year, 2011 :
I want 2 always remember Allah <3
I want 2 make my parents and my family happy
I can write on jurnalism, as I taking communication
I want all my wishes come true
I want 2 go to Riyadh
I want 2 eat shawarma, kabab, and all arabian food
I want 2 go to Korea, Japan and Europe
I keep improving my English 2 be better
I want something new in my life
I want to be better than last year
I want always have motivation
I want 2 khusyu' in my pray

aaaaaaaaaaaa aaand so on :))

*damn, I just realized that in my time's blogspot hasn't 12.00 yet :)) LOOOOLL

I guess not :))

because from the past posted, now I just posted in the same day hahahhahaha xD


this is my last post in this year
well because on next post would be my new post on 1st January 2011, welcome 2011 ! ! !

I can't believe

well time is really goes fast.
as time passed by, now we'll face the year of 2011!!!
I can't believe it, it feels just yesterday was 2001 really T.T
I could remember how I saw the moon, it has a circle surrounded the moon,. that's was beautiful masya Allah :')

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

alhamdulillah lancaarr

huah kuliah lancar alhamdulillah, n bulan depan adalah UAS, SEMANGAT!MOGA SUKSES, AMIIIN :D
hmm rencana lagi pengen pindah kos, yang lebih deket ma kampus, huhuhu klo ditelaah lelah juga naik turun sebelum naik kendaraan yang harus dinaiki setelah menyeberangi botani T___T

okeoke jalani dulu yang ini, nanti klo ada rezeki yang kos kosong, hayuu mari observasi xD

Saturday, December 18, 2010


I believe that someday I'll know the best answer from Allah...
gonna waiting for that time, what time will bring me
I really really wanna the best for this..
confusing, aaaand so on


I start to used with my task in my lecture, I start to love my lecture..really
I hope gonna be like this till I graduate :)
and after that, I hope I could get a good job and earn soo much money to make my family happy, amiin

now, I'm about to find a new kos.
which it more near my campus, so I shouldn't get up early in the morning, hahahahaha xD
well my kos now which I live in now not far away with my campus but really near with other campus -___-
altough this is a good place, there's free wifi, there's a canteen, but, the problem is just bcause far from campus

hope I'm gonna get the best new kos near campus, amin :D
there are so much my pray ^^v

Sunday, December 12, 2010

well I should used with this

I'm not used to get a task to make a report about observation and so on.
i want to used with this task, this is 1st semester hahaa dunno how's next semester, but that's what university's student must do, job, do task :)
well so CHEER UP to meee
I know I can do it, and this is what I want, I really really want to write jurnalism, about something with media
humm specially communication.

all I hope is I used to this task so I could get more more and more knowledge !