Wednesday, February 19, 2014

my first martabak

i made it YAY!
so my friend's here held a thanksgiving, and this is first time made martabak, after all this time I just watching my mom's when she made it
and I made it without my mom!hehe and its delishoooo
u want some?but it's finished already hehehehe

dont drool here! :p

Ice cream for my mood booster

hello readers!
going to 1 year for me to be here in Riyadh, oh so for you girls when in Saudi u're gonna wear abaya, like me :D
u wear this whenever u going outside, and the material of abaya's nor heavy and hot, and it feels good bcause its soft

and whenever I got bored, or feeling sad, just give me this!my moodbooster, ice cream that sooo nyummyy hehehe
this is from BR, chocolate mint and that one with oreos

the more I live here, makes me loves Riyadh so much :')

Friday, February 14, 2014

Personality Test

Yesterday Pita my best friend asked me to take the personality test on
and the results are amazing!

I got it detail and almost all of it were right hehe

so I got ENFP :

E (extaverted)
N (intuitive)
F (feeling)
P (prospecting)

aaanndd I feel that's all the description were me...

for more detail u can read here at

well, what about you?just visit that and take ur result ;)