Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Resume of 2015

Allah itu so sweet
Allah itu listening for every single prayer
Allah itu for sincerity are Allah's most favorite


So, what's about the year of 2015?

Okay this year I experience the most about the process, specially about du'a, actually started to realized it on last October 2014, I asked once how lucky if I can sit on cockpit, then Allah answered right before I performed hajj

Then about two months ago, when I'm very hungry I asked Allah that I wanna eat meat with teriyaki sauce, rendang, something with meat as the main dish, the Allah answered alsoo!! So many things if I flashed back, I should have been more thankful n grateful for what Allah has given to me...
O Allah I seek for forgiveness... 

It's all about believe, n how beautiful that the universe also helpin out to make dreams come true, aanndd specially when it turns out to the one we called "destiny" thing happened, then we'll be like oh it's happened by coincidence #blushing
But in the end I realized that there's nothing happened coincidence, it's just how we face it and think how to deal with it in positive ways..

Yes, just tell Allah, tell Allah everything for what you've been through, what you want, I learn one thing to be patience. Because it's just the matter of time...

So now, I look forward for another gifts from Allah on next year of 2016th!
Thank you Allah n alhamdulillah for every gifts that You've given in 2015th, You wrapped up for every single gift very beautiful

Saturday, December 26, 2015


Knowing tomorrow is Sunday and I'll be like "I need more days for holiday!!"
Saturday and had to go to the office in the morning OMG it should be tomorrow!

Saturday, December 19, 2015

The rainbow that appears after the rain

Terkadang, menyemangati diri sendiri itu tidaklah mudah...

Ketika mampu menggeserkan, menghilangkan rasa gelisah, serta merta beban dalam pikiran terlepas, sangatlah melegakan...

Namun ketika yang terjadi adalah sebaliknya, alias ngga mempan, OMG...

Udah kayak kebal aja, ga ngefek, actually hate this situation, no I don't blame no one but myself, such disaster if it hits right to the mind, I can't sleep properly (can't bear this one)!!!

"If it's not okay then it's not the end"

Hiks still can't make me feel much better :'(

Rindu hari2 yang lalu yang bisa dilalui dengan sangat menyenangkan, bahkan enjoy sangat...

"namanya juga kan hidup, berputar, ada naik dan turun"


"badai pasti berlalu"

De Javu

Once again it happened on Friday, never know what will happen next, and for every sign from the nature that He give, but still will never get it until it happened

Same occasion, different people

At least, I learn from it

Tuesday, December 15, 2015

It's okay

Allah never sleeps, whenever I feel down, sad, an trying to put back all my courage...
That's when Allah gives the happiness...
Allah changes my sadness...

Even the smallest thing...

Just like lately I feel down, deeply, I wanna cry but I can't, suddenly Allah gives me something that its such a bunch of gift!I know it's just a small thing but dunno for me it's sooo special...

Just like one of Al Insyirah's ayah "fainnama'al 'usri yusran" there's a convenient after the difficulty...

One of my colleague told me "Allah not always give what you want at the same time, it's just matter of time"

Suddenly I feel much better after heard that...

Happens for a reason

"There are no coincidences"

Now I keep those words in my mind

Saturday, December 5, 2015


I love Riyadh's weather now, getting colder, but this year it's a bit late, last year on this month reached around 12 celcius, if I'm not mistaken, I remember the heavy rain on November hit last year and got wet as I got back home, I saw flood near my house but only for 45 minutes lol

took this before I went home, clouds always appear greatly in the end of the year

16;10 pm, can you spot the moon?

gloomy, early in the morning and after rain

it's around 12.35 pm

my favorite ice cream, Banana and Chocomint

Riyadh city's reflection from the globe

Al Faisaliah at night

Thursday, December 3, 2015


Winter has come, not sure if its already winter or still going on, in reality I still have to wake up early in the morning, wearing jacket as I going to work, and took it off as I'm going home
Got mixed up this last two weeks, can't sleep properly, started from one of my activity that will change oh God do I ready for that?and did I choose the right thing?
Even small sounds from TV will wakes me up, maybe I just think too much, haaa stressed out
I need to clear up my mind, so I did throwback and now is December already, throughout this year I feel so much process I've been through
Year of 2013 the hardest year for me, have to be positive even though all didn't going well as I planned...
Year of 2014 the year of where I start it all, new plans, new friends, unexpected moments, phew I've been through so many new things then!
And this year, I called "the year of process", of course every year has its own stories, still looking forward what will happen next, tomorrow's still mystery, lots of hope and pray and inshaa Allah everything's gonna be alright...

Wednesday, November 25, 2015


Everyone did complain, but the differences are some of them take it easily, and some of them think about it all the day, the dangerous thing from complaining it can impact to their way of lives

Including me, I exactly remember how my life in SHS, I did complaining a lot, specially to my mom, why and why keeping asking that..

until one day I realized, even people complaining about this and that, they're still alive, lol
it didnt give much impact to the other, but to theirself, anyway it depends on how they think about life is...

so, from that day, I wanna take it as a positive thing, it's okay to complaining, it just matter to make us feel better, without knowing what the exactly the reason behind that, yes I heard a lot people saying "everything happens for a reason" so the problems is ourselves...

just because we are feeling not in the good mood, we throwing temper there and there, but have you asked yourself, what's the main problem?is it good to do that?you did that so you think you may feel lot better, but the truth is you just opened the door of another problem
and people around you may think like "what happened to you?"

let's start to know self better, the only one who know ourselves is ours, do what can make you feel better, it's okay to complain, make it enough without bring bad to others.... 

Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Start from surrounding

Everyone had their own passion, their activity, their problems
Don't let yourself become what they want you to be, but what you want to be

Monday, November 9, 2015

Winter love

Early in the morning when the sun is still hiding
And the clouds that covering the sky
As I come out going work with father
I opened the window of car and enjoyed the wind as it touches my face

I feel safe, because no one can opened one of the car door (beside driver seat where I am), only we can opened it from the inside using screwdriver, after a month it has to be opened from outside, I always told daddy before he opened for me "well, Princess wanna come out" and daddy always answer it with
"Daddy till when will you fix this one?"
Well our beloved Mitsubishi Galant's are the old car, so it's a bit hard to find the spare parts here, and daddy always busy...

It's okay as we can get over it..

So, back to the main topic, as the winter season's coming, there's something special that I''ve been longing for...

And it's always come in winter....

Sunday, November 8, 2015


The mystery of life...
We may never know what will happen next
I've tried ask Allah many things, and it's amazing how Allah answered every my single prayer...
Doesn't mean for what I asked then at the same time Allah answered, but Allah's know when rhe right time to answer it all...
Alhamdulillah, I'm so amazed the way Allah show me the way, yes I believe from my experience that there are nothing such happened by coincidence...
Faith, not everyone have the same way they put the faith in...
But indeed we believe in One...

Thursday, November 5, 2015

The media

I saw the news about my country through the media

Unfortunately that's what makes me think twice about going back to...
I know we have to choose wether it's a good news or no, or it's necessary if we believe it...
Everyone wants the best in life. They can choose where to live their life.

Living out of my country makes me put the differences between mine n where I live right now...

Sunday, November 1, 2015

Nov ember, ember nov!

It's you November!
Hmm this month must be winter already, still not changed yet, but windy which is mean it will changed soon, aaaa can't wait to wear the jacket!!!

(taken by sister, on first year of 2015 at Wadi Hanifah)

Thursday, October 29, 2015


We can't judge someone actually through what they've done
Sometimes the one who we think might bad, that one have the good side also
I think it's the law of natural?
Oh or we know about yinyang,that there's a bad side in the good side, and otherwise

Life sometimes didn't going well as we expected, but it isn't hard if we keep looking forward and do our best to reaching the dream.

Sunday, October 25, 2015


this is my 3rd month to be here, all is fine alhamdulillah
things I've never expected that I'd be here 
my 23 I feel like oh it just yesterday I said what I'd become at 20's?

now I'm here, I've seen many things in life, one thing I know is we'll never stop learning, maybe I can say that I'm bored whenever I'm doing my homework, tried to thinking hard back then, but now I just wanna turn back time
I miss my old school, how I spent time only doing homework, studying, meet my friends, wondering my future, dreaming, put the plans, gathering my motivation.
how I and my siblings went to school with father
how they graduated one by one
how I went to school on the 1st day
how my 1st day at school got scolded by my father cause I dont have guts to enter the class
how my 2nd day going directly to the class from what happened yesterday, suddenly I put all my courage, lol
how I met my siblings friends

I should've enjoyed every moment back then, but maybe I'm too busy finding my true-self. I exactly remember mostly I enjoyed my shs moment at 12th grade which is the last grade, lol 
where've you been?

if I tried to throw back to where I've been, hahaha too much to remember, if only I know how to use camera earlier, maybe I have soo many memories, sometimes I have to look at the photos to remember, maybe flash from the camera are useful for remembering moments 

I miss the old days

but I should ready too for the great future, aamiin!

Wednesday, October 7, 2015


There's always a time where every sibilings got busy with their own time

Once who didn't lived at home for a while, when he came home even just for an hour, we'll take it as a precious time, that's family...

How precious for every moments that we've been through, Alhamdulillah
There are always a time where we spent together

"Ohana means family, and family means nobody gets left behind or forgotten"

Tuesday, October 6, 2015


I took a look at my photo's in my HD, time flies, I feel it's just like yesterday I spent my 3 years at college from 2010-2013
Whooaa it brought me soo much memories..
How could a person like me had to bring out the memory through pictures?

Ah if only I can go back to 2010's hahaha and cherish every moment's that I have...

Saturday, October 3, 2015

The October

Each month some people would say why it's still the same?
Look closely, then there's different for each day, the activity might same, but not the time, for each minute you take a bath, in everyday might be different, maybe late for minute or not

It's been 5 years ago I've graduate from Senior high school, and 2 years ago I got my diploma!

For the October, not only this month, every month people make a wish they'll have a nice month...
Rather than wish for a good month, why wouldn't we wish for a good time for every minute?

There's something different, I say this year...

Monday, September 28, 2015

Pemeran utama

It's been long time...
Something unexplained that I've been waiting for...
I know maybe as if it's happened suddenly..
The heart that won't lie

We are all living in a theatre, yes in different theatre for each person
We are the main characters
We are the main role in the theatre
We are playing everyday
And changes the background for every month
And in different theatre in every year
The things are
We don't know our real scenario
We just play the role
But we believe the One who wrote on ours

Yes there are lots of spectators in front of us
And there are our family among them

It seems we decide what to do, what to play
Without knowing when to stop
Without knowing for each spectators tells about

We have to believe
It'd be a great show
With happy ending

Tuesday, September 22, 2015

September ceriaaaa

September ceria, they said

Tapi ini beneran ko hahaha alhamdulillah liburan haji semingguuu, maka nikmat Tuhanmu mana yang kau dustakan?

Okey, diawali dengan dapet recommend dari temen semasa kuliah dlu, Marrectha atau Eta, awalnya ini apa tutorialnya gambar aja, atau applikasi gimana

Dan ternyata kereen!!jadi tutorialnya ada, dan itu bukan sekedar gambar, tapi gif (gambar yang bergerak) dihitung juga, dan yg pastinya dikasih tw uda brp kalori yang dibuang (seru kan?)
Dan bru dicoba hari ini 5 menit n kyk yg d gambar baru 40 kalori, tp napas uda mpot2an n keringetan (ketauan deh jarang geraknya) hahaha

So jaman skrg makin mudahlah pake applikasi langsung tau gerakannya, tinggal pelaksanaannya aja. Klo niat jgn ditanya, pasti uda dr kpn tau, tinggal mulainya aja, hehehe sekian...
Selamat mencoba

Friday, September 18, 2015

True self

It's just seems I don't care of what people may say about me...

I feel really light, I didn't feel as hard as before, one said "dont befriend with whom always talked about others, because when you are not around, they are talking about you"

I feel annoyed at first, but deep inside I'm feeling okay, so brain, what are you thinking about?everything is okay, no need to be worried about...

Life is learning, everyone are lovable, kindness, the true self of every human, they just change by kind of factors that affect them, I believe it..

Now it's just me how to face it, kind of positive or negative...

O Allah, I seek for the strength...

Saturday, September 12, 2015

Tak seperti dulu

Zaman sekarang manusia tanpa handphone, terutama untuk kaum muda, sepertinya hal yang kemungkinan tidak mungkin bisa tanpanya sehari saja

Namun itu yang aku alami kemarin!hahahaha
Ternyata demikian rasanya, jadi berawal ikut mengantar teman Ayah yang mau ke Indonesia, kemudian setelah itu lanjut beranjak ke salah satu rumah makan Indonesia, RA.

Selesai makan, kami diantar oleh teman Ayah sampai tempat parkir dekat Sekolah. Sesampainya di parkiran dekat rumah, seperti biasa aku selalu cek dan ricek tasku, terutama bagian belakang tas, dan biasanya aku selalu meletakkan hp disitu, dan jika ada, maka posisinya adalah tertutup, jika tidak, maka sebaliknya.

Benar saja! Aku sejenak terhentak, kupanggil kakakku, kemudian Ayah dan kakakku pun berusaha menenangkan dan menanyakan terakhir dimana posisi aku meletakkan hpku.

Ayah pun segera menghubungi temannya apakah hpku tertinggal di mobilnya, namun uniknya aku memahami diriku, jika hatiku merasa tenang walau panik (gimana tuh), itu artinya barang tersebut takkan kemana, namun sebaliknya, jika dagdidug ada rasa lemas sampai ke kaki, itu artinya, bisa hilang (nauzubillah) atau masih rezeki, hehehe.

Tak lama teman Ayah menghubungi kembali bahwa hpku benar tertinggal di mobilnya, hal tersebut terjadi karena saat aku ingin membicarakan sesuatu kepada Ayahku sembari berbisik, beliau tidak dapat mendengar, begitu kuketik di notes hp, Ayah mengatakan huruf di hpku telalu kecil, beliau memintaku untuk mengetiknya di hpnya saja (padahal hp beliau hurufnya tak kalah jauh kecilnya, aigoo~)

Saat berpindah hp itulah aku lupa untuk kembali meletakkan hpku ke dalam tas, seperti biasa, aku akan jarang mengecek hp bila tidak ada wifi, hahaha, dan untuk paketan internet pun aku enggan karena banyaknya fasilitas wifi, Alhamdulillah yah sesuatu.

Aku harus menunggu sampai besok karena saat itu sudah malam, oke mari lihat sampai mana aku mampu menunggu, toh sudah terlatih untuk menunggu (isi sendiri).... (tidak!jangan diisi!)

Ayah mengatakan beliau akan mengambil hpku setelah sholat Jumat, aku memutuskan untuk tidur dengan harapan besok akan segera memegang hpku lagi, terasa ada yang aneh memang, setiap dari luar yang kucek adalah hp, sebelum tidur pun demikian, saat bangun pun seperti ituhhh, eh itu.

Esokannya aku terbangun seperti orang pingsan, entah mengapa aku bangun cukup siang. Apakah karena aku terlalu berharap begitu terbangun hpku sudah di tanganku?entahlah...

Ternyata hpku belum saatnya kembali, ia masih betah dirumah orang, ia belum puas untuk bermain, mungkin dia ingin piknik sejenak.
Ayah mengatakan hpku akan diambil setelah Ashar, baiklah aku harus menunggu, ada rasa rindu menyelip di hati, kapan kamu kembali? Tapi aku percaya kau akan baik-baik saja, hpku.

Jam menunjukkan pukul 05.00 pm, dengan rasa gelisah aku menghubungi Ayahku, ternyata Alhamdulillah yah kabar gembira yang kudapat, bahwa hpku sudah di tangan Ayah, rasa gembira itu pun kubawa mandi sore.

Setelah hpku di tangan, notifications nya bermunculan, update nya pun tak mau kalah, beruntung batre hpku masih menunjukkan pada angka 30% jika aku tidak salah berarti benar.

Aku segera men-charger hpku, saat penting bagaimana dengan pesenan online shopku dengan si mimin, apakah ia mendapat pesanku atau tidak, ternyata semua telah berjalan lantjar.

Seperti inilah rasanya ternyata, aku hanya membayangkan jika pada zaman sekarang masih seperti dulu, sebelum adanya handphone, akan seperti apa jadinya, mungkin berkomunikasi dengan teman melalui surat menyurat, menggunakan telefon rumah, masih akan berjalan seperti dulu.

Tapi zaman telah berbeza, it's okay, yang penting hpku sudah di tangan...

Thursday, September 10, 2015

All things not always turned out as expected


It's the first thing when you found out that things didn't happen as you expected...

Things that can make you either happy or sad

Been month to be here, Alhamdulillah I feel comfortable and confident...

At first I may feel lonely, don't know what to do, just try to be kind and say hello, and that's how I tried to adapt in new environment...
But know, I found out that Allah not always give me what I want, but what we need...

Glad and thankful to Allah to be here

Thursday, September 3, 2015

Hai September

"Just because it's not happening right now, doesn't mean it never will"

That's what I feel right now for real!it's happened to me
Awkward, but it's true..

Just keep praying, but now I learned that I have to be careful for asking Allah what I want...
I know now, Allah didn't always give what I want instead what I need...

Even though Allah never broke the promise, ask then Allah will answer...

Friday, August 28, 2015

Keep going

Selama perjalanan aku bersyukur karena berjalan bersamaMu, dengan Engkau yang selalu menuntunku, di depanku...

Selama perjalanan itu aku selalu terjamin olehMu, denganMu aku melalui berbagai lika liku kehidupan yang tak pernah membuatku berhenti tuk berfikir

Selama perjalanan itu dipenuhi berbagai macam pemandangan, indah, ya sangat indah, karena Engkau yang menjadikannya indah

Selama perjalanan itu aku menjumpai sesuatu...

Entah apakah aku akan melalui hal yang sama meski berhadapan pada insan yang berbeda?

Entah apakah aku akan menjadi orang yang menyaksikan kembali?

Aku memang selama ini menikmati sekali perjalanan ini...

Tapi bolehkah sejenak aku berhenti?

Tapi bolehkah sejenak aku menikmati rasa gundah ini?

Bukankah selama ini aku mampu menikmati keindahan dan kebahagiaan?lalu mengapa aku tak sejenak berfikir untuk menikmati sejenak rasa gundah?

Sebelum pada akhirnya aku akan kembali menikmati perjalanan

Aku tahu aku pernah melalui ini sebelumnya....

Rasanya aku mampu menerka apa yang kan terjadi selanjutnya...

Baiklah, mari melanjutkan perjalanan...

Tuesday, August 18, 2015


Dirgahayu ke-70 tahun Indonesiaku merdeka!
Bangkitlah bangsaku, jayalah negeriku

Semoga ke depannya bangsa Indonesia menjadi lebih maju, lebih baik lagi, lebih makmur dan sejahtera, bersama kita pasti bisa!



Inginku bersahabat dengan pagi

Sekian lama mengupayakan untuk menikmati sejuknya embun di pagi hari

Rinduku menyapa matahari yang seakan tersenyum dengan memancarkan cahayanya yang perlahan menyinari tiap sudut kota

Menikmati udara dan waktu yang berganti dari malam ke pagi yang disambut oleh sang fajar


Now I can say it's early in the morning and I'm already here in the office 😂😂😂 #ruined poems

Thursday, August 13, 2015

did you get my point

pernah ga sih, merasa terpuruk sendiri, saat merenung?
atau mungkin sesaat setelah melalui suatu kejadian?

apapun itu, mungkin yang dirasakan berdasarkan pengalaman sendiri adalah apa karena terlalu banyak merenung?
anyway yang penting hasilnya adalah positif, hehe

mencoba memahami diri sendiri itu yang paling penting, karena biar bagaimanapun hal terkecil yang dipimpin sebelum ke semua-semuanya adalah diri sendiri...

saat segala sesuatunya berbeda dengan ekspektasi, solusinya emang cuma satu


ga kurang ga lebih...

dan untuk saat ini, kalimat yang bikin semangat dan bangkit lagi adalah...

"tidak ada yang kebetulan, semua udah diaturNya"

entah tiap kali meyakinkan hati dengan kata-kata itu mendadak semangat, percaya, yakin bahwa semua akan baik-baik saja...


ditambah lagi dapet tempat dalam satu ruangan, di bawah, dan sendiri T__________T

I need someone to talk to, at least I can communicate to, without technology....
at least I can enjoy the view from the window....

ok tik, as you've said before, bersyukur....

did you get my point?if not, just put your expression like this cat hihihi kidding

Thursday, August 6, 2015

Little achievement

I'm soooo happy, really really thanks to my friend, Nurman Ramdani who gave me a chance to write an article about how's Ramadhan in Riyadh, and the differences between in Riyadh and in Indonesia
The little achievement but really meaningful to me ❤


Sunday, August 2, 2015


Yay I've been through it, I'm already here, everything's gonna be alright...
*tried to calm myself*

But, why do I feel a little bad for myself?

I believe that's all been written, there's no such things happened by coincidence...

Thursday, July 30, 2015


"friendly" what's wrong with that?
We as human being plus we are living in the same earth, just smile, is it hard just to say hello?

It's so meaningful for me
I really pay attention to kind people
Don't judge

Just sometimes it's kinda bothering me for people who pretend to not look just to avoid from saying hello or smile

R u plants or something?

Tuesday, July 28, 2015


D-day getting closer...
I dont know what exactly I feel, but all mixed up
Happy, blessed, nervous, curious about whats gonna happen next...

Bismillah, it's all that I can say before I start...

Sunday, July 19, 2015

Van de nil de la

Can I say that, things that surrounding us are alive?

Or maybe it is what they say that words are do'a, we don't know when we said something then angel's passing through...

Then it's become true...

Yes, of course every people had a plan, anything, but, once again, I feel like now, from what my friends been told me, asked me, it's in front of me now...


Saturday, July 4, 2015

That's human

Ya, seandainya aku tahu apa rencanaNya ke depan, takkan ada istilah "sabar"
Aku malu padaNya, saat tiba rencana indahNya sampai padaku
"tiba waktunya"
Kata-kata itu yang selalu terngiang, satu kalimat ibuku yang selalu di pikiran, satu kalimat namun mampu membuat diri ini kembali optimis...
Tersadar akulah yang tidak bersabar...

Memang saat aku mengeluh, kuyakin saat itu Allah sedang tersenyum, membiarkanku kelak menyambut hari bahagia itu, seraya bersyukur...


Sunday, June 28, 2015

Eng ing eng

I tried my best to think positively throughout this time...

But why it's still hard for me...

I told myself there are lots to be thankful for

Still there lots of "but"...

Really really wanna say "I hate this condition"....

No but I had to hold myself...


Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Life is learning

I've learn lot of things, dari hal terkecil sampai yang menurutku adalah hal terbesar

Dari bagaimana berpikir apa, mengapa, sebab, akibat akan suatu hal

Dari bagaimana meminta, berharap, memberi dengan sesama

Dari bagaimana menghadapi setiap insan yang berbeda beda, hingga akhirnya kusadari yang harus kulihat adalah diriku sendiri

Dan dari bagaimana berpikir tentang sang Pencipta

Itulah yang berkesan adalah perihal doa...

Apapun yang kulakukan, apapun yang kulalui, pada akhirnya akan kembali kepadaNya

Ya, kata2 yang selalu terngiang di kepala adalah "kita tidak bisa berharap besar pada manusia, karena akan berujung kecewa"

Seberapa besarpun berusaha

Seberapa besarpun berharap

Seberapa besarpun berdoa

If they were never meant to be, then they're not...

Mau jungkir balik keliling dunia sekalipun

"manusia boleh berencana, tapi Dia yang menentukan"

Karena hidup adalah untuk belajar, mengambil pelajaran, sampai kapanpun itu...

Seiring bertambah usia, meski hakikatnya adalah berkurang, dalam perjalanannya akan ditemui berbagai hal yang disebut dengan "pengalaman"

Dan yang paling membahagiakan adalah saat Dia mengabulkan seraya mengerahkan dan membuat alam dan sekitarnya ikut mewujudkan...

Sunday, June 14, 2015


Aku tidak tahu pasti dimana aku sedang menyelam

Yang kutahu pasti adalah

Aku sedang mengambang

Seraya menatap langit

Tatapku nanar

Dalam suatu ketidakpastian

Dalam suatu keragu raguan


Mungkin hanya aku yang sedang tidak bersabar

Namun ingin rasanya ini semua berakhir dengan kepastian

Akan jawaban

Wednesday, June 10, 2015


barusan abis lihat film pendek ini Salah Sedekah


I feel like I've been hit by something really hard... really...

Tuesday, June 9, 2015

If only

Seandainya aku mengetahui alasan mengapa aku masih disini

Seandainya aku mengetahui alasan terindah itu

Seandainya aku mengetahui rencanaNya yang telah Ia persiapkan untukku

Seandainya aku mengetahui apa yang akan terjadi ke depan

Seandainya aku mengetahui jika semua sesuai seperti yang kurencanakan


Seandainya aku berhenti mengeluh melainkan bersyukur atas segala nikmat yang telah Dia beri

Seandainya aku pun berhenti untuk berandai andai...

Sesungguhnya Dia Maha mengetahui atas apa yang tidak kuketahui...

Namun aku takkan berhenti untuk bertanya...

Mengapa dan apa...

Mengapa sulit sekali ya Allah?

Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Hey June

Heey Junee...don't make it bad~~
Oh no I just sing a song tee hee
It's my month!
And welcomed you 23rd, Alhamdulillah there are loott of hopes and aanndd #pray

Saturday, May 30, 2015

Tum to the bang

After all this time, this is my first time getting sick from radang tenggorokan,oh my, it feels so bad, but still thankful to God for everything, so it's started I feel pain in my back as if getting hit...

Then about last night suddenly I got fever, and hard to swallow things, I didn't check my throat, then after in the morning I just checked and shocked to see both of my tonsils get bigger and that's whats caused for me hard to swallow..
So my mom gave me massage on my back, and how much I loved the part when my mom rub my back, I know she must been really worried bout me :(

Then mom took me to the clinic and I just had a feeling maybe I will get infusion, as what I think, the doctor told me injection, omg at first I think like what?getting injection where?butt or arm?hahaha

Then as expected I got infusion, the nurse gave me Perfalgan (pain relief) and while infusing she gave also the antibiotic, and from my search about pharyngitis (radang tenggorokan) if I'm not mistaken, it's only works for the bacteria, and this pharyngitis caused by virus, well just listen to the doctor, rite?
And I salute to the nurse who put exactly the infusion in my right arm as I know from my besties told me my vein are bold so hard to find, so my bestie seen it in my wrist...

And aaaand I lie in the bed, and start to thinking as I saw my mom, as long as you're here, I'm okay mom, well it's remind me back then at 2011, when I'm sick and had to stay at the hospital, caused of DBD but only my 2nd and 3rd elder brothers accompanied me, and at that time I feel really down, sad, upset, all mixed up, it's my first time got opname and I hope It won't happened again, nauzubillah...

I was sad when I really really need her, she weren't here, I envied to all my friends who had their mom next to them, and they can sleep on their beloved and comfortable bed, but me?

I exactly remember how much I blamed the mosquitoes, and since that day I think that the lizards are my friends!Hahahaha but luckily I just had to stay 3 days, bcause when the doctor want to take my sample blood, before that I motivate myself and drunk 2 glasses of guava juices to increasing my hemoglobin and it works! Alhamdulillah, well I just wanna go home and back to my routine... 

And one day a lizard ever jump then reached my right hand, hiiii it's feel a lil sticky hahahaha but it's okay, they're my friends, keeping eating my enemy please!u're doing a good job!

So it's really different when you're sick then there's mom around u, it's like a magic, as long as she's here, when I'm sick or not, I'm okay, may Allah always keepin both my parents stay healthy, aamiin!

Wednesday, May 27, 2015

let's find the object

about couple months ago if I'm not mistaken, me and my friends went to flowers park, it's a bit far from the city centre, but satisfied cause its sooo beautiful, well I just wanna post one pic that I've got *only one?* nah later gonna post it 

this one another story, at first we want to go to the Globe of Faisaliah, but dunno why we decided to not to instead buy food and do picnic -_____-

got nothing to do just had a chit chat, and I already bring my cam, I just can't stay still, ergh let's find the object to snap!

everyone oh it's everyone!

jenuh dengan pertanyaan dan jawaban yang sama

1. Tika kapan pulang?
2. Udah kerja?
3. Lanjut atau gimana?
4. Ngapain aja disana?

pertanyaan - pertanyaan yang bikin pengen nangis dan ketawa di saat yang bersamaan
and it's great those questions asked by not only one person...

yes, I feel better to laugh at my own problem
yes, to be truth I'm curious what Allah's plan for me


it's better klo semua dibawa syukur aja yah... (menghibur diri)

Sunday, May 17, 2015


Aku menikmati setiap langkahku

Namun di tengah langkahanku

Aku terhenti pada dua jalan

Prioritas menjadi pertanyaan

Namun keduanya merupakan bagiannya

Bisikan kalbu yang kian menggema bertanya

Mendesak akan sebuah jawaban

Aku membencimu, hai keragu-raguan

Sunday, May 10, 2015

Between Fate and Coincidence

There are lots of things that I've been think about, especially the last two years...
Perhaps if I explain it one by one may sounds complicated...
Why this and that?and how?and the answer is blablabla

Dan belakangan ini ada hal yang menjadi pertanyaan besar buatku, mengenai pertemuan...
Apakah itu takdir, atau kebetulan?
Pikiranku sibuk bertanya pada Ilahi, ya Allah, tunjukkan padaku, tunjukkan...
Hingga beberapa waktu lalu Allah menjawabnya...

Banyak hal yang kutemui, dan diantaranya menimbulkan kegirangan pada diri sendiri, karena makin bingung (?) antara excited, tapi percaya tak percaya:
"lah,ko bisa sih kebetulan begini, ketemu tak sengaja, dan ternyata parkirnya pun depan depanan, pulangnya pun bersamaan"
"klo gak ketemu, mungkin ceritanya engga begini"
"hmm aku bertemu dengan manusia manusia yang heterogen ini juga takdir?"(sambil liatin orang2 yang lewat)
"ini aku doang ga yah yang berpikiran begini?aneh ga sih?tapi penasaran"
"ko bisa pas gitu yah, pas mau perpanjang visa re-entry n skalian nyelesein tugas kuliah PKL bisa skalian disini"
"ko bisa pas yah,selesai sidang walaupun ngga ikut wisuda n karena suatu hal jd g balik lg ampe dua tahun ini, bisa pas begitu ambil D3, coba klo 4 tahun, bisa cuti ini mah"
"ko kyk kebetulan tapi harus diyakini bahwa emang udah diaturNya"

Dan pada akhirnya akan berujung pada pernyataan "ada hikmah di balik pertemuan, entah apa yang ingin disampaikanNya kepadaku, tapi yang pasti adalah pelajaran, dan tentunya aku harus mengambil sisi positifnya"
Banyak hal dua tahun belakangan yang telah dilalui tanpa terasa, alhamdulillah, dan menurut aku itu semua hadiah dari Allah, berbagai kejutan melalu skenarioNya yang indah...

Ternyata pertemuan adalah takdir...
Tidak ada yang kebetulan, semua sudah diatur...
Ada yang dapat dipetik dari sebuah pertemuan yang bermakna...

Memang jika dibawa positif apapun akan mengarahkan diri kepada husnuzan kepadaNya...
Alhamdullillah, thank you Allah for this beautiful life that You gave me....
Karena tanpa teka teki, maka bukan misteri hidup...
Complicated ga sih? Hahahahaha well, abaikan my random thoughts

Sunday, May 3, 2015

Eat well and live well

It feels like just yesterday we celebrated the new year, now we're almost in the middle of the year...
Okay, I'm happy bcause I eat noodle, what's better than noodle on the day like this?

When you feel bored, and you wanna eat but not heavy food yet snacks, then it's the answer hehehe
Who's in the whole world that doesn't love it?
Lemme introduce you and even recommend to eat Noodle Box
There are lots of menu, but bcause I can't taste yet all of it so I choose the one that represent of it all hahahaa, it's "combination" and tastes veryyyy good!! the place are nice too!
And the services were good,ah thanks a lot,inshaa Allah I will come again hehehe
Special thanks to my friends that accompanied me there

Sunday, April 19, 2015


TGIF ! that's what I wanna say, Alhamdulillah, it's my second time been there again, Red Sand at Al Muzaimiyah, thank you so much for all my friends for that day, and it was so much fun!
so here's the photos:

even though I didn't take so much photos, well I took so much before, but didn't post it, glad can reach almost the top, you know I'm tired already and that time were really hot, even the sands! even my face became red as tomato hahahaha
When you step on sand your feet get drowning, I feel like how hard I've climbed then as I going down just easy as rolling ball (?)
I hope next time get so much energy so I can take from the top!
Alhamdulillah, thank you Allah for everything that You gave me, what a beautiful scenery, Masya Allah

Friday, April 17, 2015

Random question

Lately I love asking my mom about simple things, or maybe unimportant?
But that's little things questions are meaningful for me, sometimes mom's answer moved my heart...
And today I asked her

I: ma, klo dede bilang ke mama dede lapar, mama sedih ga?
M: ya iyalah nak, namanya jg orangtua, hehehe (ekspresi sedih sejenak n diiringi tawa)

I laughed then smiled and to be honest I feel moved..

then I asked my mom again,
I: ma, sebagai orangtua klo anaknya ngerasa sakit, justru orangtuanya malah yang lebih ngrasa pedih yah?
M: pasti nak, plagi klo disakitin,n klo anak kecil lebih kasian lagi

those random questions that's because I just being curious how my mom feels for being mom, so I hope I understand more about her...
N sometimes I asked my dad too, but I found out that my dad's answer are funny, bcause he answered with funny expression, well my daddy's full of humor hehehe

Monday, April 6, 2015

Dust, dust everywhere

About few days ago Riyadh were covered in dust after sandstorm attack...
And at that time no one in the house, my parents in Madinah, my eldest brother at embassy, while me at where my sister's work
And as we came back home, I can see such a little fog in my house,no that's not fog actually, but dust really...
Errr as we leave the house we didn't turn on the fan in the kitchen and bathroom, so I can make a footprints as I step in hahaha
And the day after I can see all was covered in dust, I can't sleep well, bcause as I breathe in, I can smell the dust, make me breathless...
Well, I got new homework to clean the house bfore my parents come, you know bcause of the sandstorm attack has caused many delay for flights, even my parents had to stay in the Madinah's airport for 29 hours!
But glad that they come home safely, Alhamdulillah

Wednesday, April 1, 2015


Today I start this day with starving...
Well, my parents going to Madinah to meet relatives...
My sister asked me to accompany her to work
Imma counting the days to go to Indonesia!!!
Wish wish wish
I have to get back with my great activities!
huhu can't wait 

Tuesday, March 24, 2015

my logo design

I made some watermark for my photograph mark, but whenever I made it, it never satisfied me
I want the mark that catchy, and simple, but tried to not looks others, then I made mine!
here some photos taken by me and I put my new one :D

Taken with: Canon 60D
AR means my name
I've been curious with long exposure, been waiting for long, well I need someone to accompany, now I really thanks to my friend!thank you very much for your time xD

Taken with: Canon 650D

Monday, March 23, 2015

Little things that make me happy

I don't know why, without any reason I called my mom while she's in the kitchen,

Me: maa...
Mom: what?what's wrong? (approaching)
Me: ....hehe (happy)

Sunday, March 22, 2015

Dear sista

It must be late post!
But I have to say happy birthday to my beloved sista, wish u nothing but the best, may ur life in the future more filled up with happiness, success, health and blessed, n may all ur wishes come true, get married soon please! Aamiin
Love u lots, dearly!

Wednesday, March 18, 2015

If I could

If I could turn back time, I wanna back to the Ied Fitr day, yes it's last year, 2014
1 Syawal 1435 H
I feel like something started on that day...
I miss that day...

Monday, March 2, 2015

Hey March

I take a look at my photo's folders in HD
U know, take a pic, and being narcissistic are good!
Specially for me who sometimes got easily forget the past moment even not all of it really hehehe
Then I found many photos of me and my friends,we were smiling back then, even I didn't close yet with some of them, but when it's already past, that's become something precious, suddenly I feel that 

I love them all, I love my friends,I'm not all alone
Then how could I tell that my college life wasn't nice? if I just remember the bad things happened to me, well people tend to be like that, right?
Now I would say I miss my college life, what I've been through are all great and wonderful!
That's mean I didnt grateful yet back then hiks shame on me...
If only I can turn back time I want to be more close with all my friends
To be truth I feel a bit regretting on how come I didn't enjoy when those time comes to me, I learn that in the future I have to be more better, and be myself, and enjoy everything's in life, wherever and whatever that happened on me now just enjoy it bcause we never cant turn back time, time passed and memories remains..

Well I have some reason too why I can't go everywhere like I want to, bcause at that time I wasn't flexible, too much afraid of, but life is learning, right?
Thanks to those photos it's remind me how beautiful the world's are
And let's just remember the good things so we can spreading love and happiness to others!!

Tuesday, February 24, 2015


Yes, that's right from the picture....
Never lose hope, n keep prayin'

I'm not worrying about others but myself...

Monday, February 16, 2015

Lets make a cake

At first my expectation on making a cake is such an easy thing to do, but in reality I messed up hahaha
I used to cook such chicken soup, boiled vegetables, sambal (Indonesian chilly paste?), fried chicken, fish, bbq, etc. But when it turned out into something sweet as cake, it's different, I dont know why it's so hard, but something new also, I used to watch my mom while she made for Ied Fitr, seems fun n easy...
Things that made different are the tools, and ingredients for sure...
On my last post, my first cakes were oreo cheesecake and baked brownies, to be truth I made them just as I want, I make sure I made them with my instinct only hahaha, well I know that was wrong if it for the first time, if you make it for more than third or forth you can do it by instinct after looks it's process
So that's why I messed up, the baked brownies not very good, I can say its average hehe I didn't measure of its ingredients, and also the oreo cheesecake, through youtube I saw it use a little bit of lemon juice, but I use half of lemon slice, and bcause I'm cinnamon addict, I use about one spoon, so in the end my sister told me it's a bit sour n the cinnamon's flavor are so strong, n I didn't measure it all so it didn't turned out as expected hahaha
So this time, I make sure to be better than before, I prepared all that needed, blended and follow the instructions but still, I forgot to boiled the water first n prepare the cake layer that fit with steamer pot ohhh myyy
Then I rushed up bcause I'm afraid the dough will become harden, but in the end I'm happy bcause it comes out as expected!!! Horraaayy alhamdulillah
Here's the pic, sorry for not good looking steamed brownies these two photos hehehe

Looks so round, and I put it upside down, when I look its bottom feels like oh what about if I put cream on the top n make a black forest? Hahaha

Well, bcause I loved food photography, lets make them looks beautiful hahaha give it a chocolate paste, and click! #proud 

Oh I can make a cake now yeaay, but need to learn more, in Indonesian we called Brownies Kukus, glad when I tasted its puffy n nice, I made this without mom's help, and in the end my mom asked me, did u put vanili in? Then I answered oh cmon mom why did u just tell me did I put it or no after the brownies put in the steamer n almost cooked?next time kay hihihi

Saturday, February 14, 2015

Bahagia Menanti

I can't stop listening to this song by Radhini - Bahagia Menanti, the music n lyrics also nice, n I want to listen it's instruments version,hiks
well some songs from OST of BMBP's are nice tho ❤

Friday, February 13, 2015

As it broken into pieces

Various way people posted things about Valentine, well it has no affect on me

I just wanna say what I feeling right now, started from two days ago, just bcause of some words that's caused my heart feels like broken into pieces...

And, that's makes me dont want to give respect anymore...

I just think like, is it really her?

I don't want blame anyone, even myself, I know I still put my ego...
But after all this time what I've done, I put myself to give loves and cares...

Yes, we can tell in one of Indonesian's quote "setitik nila rusak susu sebelanga"

I want to remember all just the good things that happened in my life, I dont have time to put bad memories in my mind, so when someone asked me "did u remember the bad things that happened to u before?" and I may answered "sorry, I dont remember any, I just kept remembering the good things that happened to me"...

I wanna be a positive people, brings, gives, and shares the happiness and peace...

Be more thankful...

But at least, I got to learn from what happened to me...

Love all, trust a few, and do wrong to none... 

Still, I have to be thankful and grateful to Allah...

Thanks Allah for this beautiful life that You gave me...

So, let's leave out all the bad memories, so the good memories are remains...

Sunday, February 1, 2015


Hello feb, be my month please, I think I have a big hope in this month...

Aim high....

Tuesday, January 27, 2015


Last week finally hangout with some of friends in Riyadh, and we went to bowling centre, yaaayy bowling time!
My bestie were here too, Farah, she's in holiday from Malaysia, we're friends since baby, got the same month and year of birthday, different about twenty days and I'm first..
Look!who's got the highest points here hahaha (show off) ;p

We've decided to take a pic with ZARA's background that written in arabic, but comes out like this, looks like it written as lili