Saturday, February 25, 2012

back again :)

hey bloggers, it's been about weeks uh?
I've been busy with my college activity as usual, but don't have any ideas to write now, err
though i wanna discuss about the anonymous drivers that I've met while onw home but i think that's not a good idea beside I can't describe it well

last week I just went home about 1 day, lately many appointment to do and many places to visit, last week I went to katulampa for searching about the mushroom's, but unfortunately it's been closed for about 2 months ago :'(
so we need to searching for another place, and we got the info there's in Ciawi 

Sunday, February 12, 2012

again again

that's the responsibility to be a college student's
my friends and my senior's told me "UDAA JABANIN AJAA AMPE LULUUS" means just face it till u graduate
right, that's right, we do it all for ourselves, I did it all for myself
dosen juga hanya ngasih nilai, point juga buat diri sendiri, hasil ya hasil sendiri, everyything's just for myself

peraturan baru saat ini di kampus adalah absensi untuk kuliah dan praktikum digabung
jadi klo praktikum bolong, itu dah diitung satu, kuliah bolong itu diitung dua, klo semester lalu kan bolong satu untuk praktikum, bolong satu kuliah ya untuk kuliah, jadi masing2 antara praktikum dan kuliah jatahnya masing - masing dua
#duaaaaa, goyangin kicir2 kayak ayu tingting sari***
hmm diliat dari segi positif bagus biar disiplin untuk mahasiswanya yang sering bolos
terus untuk sakit atau izin?bagaimana toleransinya?

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

hmm holiday?at midnite?

at midnite I got nothing to do, getting bored =_____=
what are you doing while you bored?
if I were you, I'm gonna find something to eat !
so, luckily that I remember the small corn (i mean already been corn grr hard to explain, specially before be a popcorn) I bought from indomareet :D
and I've bought the cola too *happy

little reunion

Farah's coming to Indonesiaa!!
ah so happy then, , pita and ochim were decided to meet her at her house in cibubur :)
ochim, me, farah n pita n.n
aaaaaaaaaaaaaaannnndd we went to cibubur junction mall, we ate, we do the karaoke
still miss u FARAAAAAAAAAAH T_____________T

hello february :)

last month I mean on January 21st I should post about my fieldtrip from Bogor - Bandung - Pangandaran
well that's nice fieldtrip anyway for me and my friends..
here's the photos :

we wear the uniform of communication, because our trip to Bandung to visit the Padjajaran University at that day, but dunno why it cancelled, and we visited that university on the next day. So we visited the Pikiran Rakyat Redaction's office
After that we went to hotel and in the afternoon we went to Ciwalk for shopping yeaay
on the next day, before our way to Pangandaran, we visited the campus of Padjadjaran University in Jatinangor

PANGANDARAN's BEACH, yeayy me and my friends were having so much fun here, well, we've been living in Bogor which placed in hill, so there's no beach rite? :))
at nite, the next program is we've gathered together which in Indonesian called "malam keakraban" there are many shows 
next day, we went to the Beach and cycling aaanndd many things that we've done there

I think that's all my stories for nice fieldtrip :)