Monday, January 16, 2012


"teaser EPIC JAVA, sebuah film timelapse non narasi tentang pulau Jawa "
for me that's an amazing teaser by embi =>
he has a good talent ;)
oh check it for another his creation too
kunjungin juga buat detailnya disini
buat twitternya @EpicJavaFilm
jadi K Embi lagi proses buat bikin film itu, nanti klo uda selesai insya Allah bakalan screening di tahun 2013
Teasernya yang uda jadi sekarang ada tiga

Saturday, January 14, 2012

doesn't matter

Bogor was raining, these 5 days lately, well Bogor city as we know were called "kota hujan" or "the city of rain" but this year I think the rain just too much, all day long and it makes people don't get their mood to go out right?including me and my besties, grrr
today we got a plan to go out walked around Bogor, but the rain were ruined our plan T___T
thanks that I have a film I bought before the exam hehehe
got failed in the A plan?doesn't matter, I still have B
all-day I've spent time at home watching the korean drama's HEARTSTRINGS which for me that was a DAMN GOOD dramas plus romantic tic tic!xoxo
i'm a big fans of Park Shin Hye! she's beautiful and I love everything what she wore in this drama so so lovely
I adore her x)
and the OST of this dramas were good
well happy holidays! #enjoytherainingoutside

Friday, January 13, 2012

be yourself

you will never know yourself if you always looking at people without asking yourself
doesn't mean that you must be that person, but it must be that you get an inspiration from them and be yourself

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

homesick ?

it's been 5 months ago that I've been in Riyadh, from July till August about one month and now I'm here, back to Bogor for college
I miss my homey T________T
wanna go back there, oh now my school have many things that have changed, in every class now have LCD or proyector, aand so on uh I just dont wanna see at photos, I just wanna see by myself, by my own eyes!
miss Riyadh so damn much
I miss Faisaliah, Kingdom, Takashushi, aaah and everything there, the most that I miss is MY FAMILY!
I miss my parents and kissing and hug them, my brother, my sister, I miss the time where I do the prank to my brother hahaha
thankful to Allah alhamdulillah for what Allah given to me...
thank you my Allah :')

Tuesday, January 3, 2012


Happy new year everyone!there are many wishes, many things that we want to do in this new year, of course that we want to be better than last year :)
hope this year will be many new stories that we can get
okay hahari ini uas di kampus #masa di kosan?
wish me luck, hmm wish us luck for KMN 47, we can do it, we can through this all ;)