Thursday, October 29, 2015


We can't judge someone actually through what they've done
Sometimes the one who we think might bad, that one have the good side also
I think it's the law of natural?
Oh or we know about yinyang,that there's a bad side in the good side, and otherwise

Life sometimes didn't going well as we expected, but it isn't hard if we keep looking forward and do our best to reaching the dream.

Sunday, October 25, 2015


this is my 3rd month to be here, all is fine alhamdulillah
things I've never expected that I'd be here 
my 23 I feel like oh it just yesterday I said what I'd become at 20's?

now I'm here, I've seen many things in life, one thing I know is we'll never stop learning, maybe I can say that I'm bored whenever I'm doing my homework, tried to thinking hard back then, but now I just wanna turn back time
I miss my old school, how I spent time only doing homework, studying, meet my friends, wondering my future, dreaming, put the plans, gathering my motivation.
how I and my siblings went to school with father
how they graduated one by one
how I went to school on the 1st day
how my 1st day at school got scolded by my father cause I dont have guts to enter the class
how my 2nd day going directly to the class from what happened yesterday, suddenly I put all my courage, lol
how I met my siblings friends

I should've enjoyed every moment back then, but maybe I'm too busy finding my true-self. I exactly remember mostly I enjoyed my shs moment at 12th grade which is the last grade, lol 
where've you been?

if I tried to throw back to where I've been, hahaha too much to remember, if only I know how to use camera earlier, maybe I have soo many memories, sometimes I have to look at the photos to remember, maybe flash from the camera are useful for remembering moments 

I miss the old days

but I should ready too for the great future, aamiin!

Wednesday, October 7, 2015


There's always a time where every sibilings got busy with their own time

Once who didn't lived at home for a while, when he came home even just for an hour, we'll take it as a precious time, that's family...

How precious for every moments that we've been through, Alhamdulillah
There are always a time where we spent together

"Ohana means family, and family means nobody gets left behind or forgotten"

Tuesday, October 6, 2015


I took a look at my photo's in my HD, time flies, I feel it's just like yesterday I spent my 3 years at college from 2010-2013
Whooaa it brought me soo much memories..
How could a person like me had to bring out the memory through pictures?

Ah if only I can go back to 2010's hahaha and cherish every moment's that I have...

Saturday, October 3, 2015

The October

Each month some people would say why it's still the same?
Look closely, then there's different for each day, the activity might same, but not the time, for each minute you take a bath, in everyday might be different, maybe late for minute or not

It's been 5 years ago I've graduate from Senior high school, and 2 years ago I got my diploma!

For the October, not only this month, every month people make a wish they'll have a nice month...
Rather than wish for a good month, why wouldn't we wish for a good time for every minute?

There's something different, I say this year...