Wednesday, July 25, 2012


have a nice day here, Alhamdulillah
happy fasting everyone!

hmm today's our 6th day of Ramadhan, and today I'm about going Umrah to Mekkah today's afternoon, so grateful and thank's to Allah that the day has come :)

see ya!

Monday, July 16, 2012

July, july oh july

it's been 2 months going on 3rd months since I'm here in my beloved plus the place where I was born <3

sekarang lagi PKL (praktek kerja lapangan) or some people may called it 'magang'

dan judul untuk laporan uda ada, buuuut bab I belum kepikiran mau nulis apa :'(
sedihnya lagi i've been waiting for dospem there from my university, belum diumumin juga sampai detik ini...
hope I'll get the best

well, now I really really grateful and thank's to Allah for the time that Allah's given to me :')
on next 4 days we'll face the Holy month or Ramadhan Kareem and I'm going through that Holy month will my beloved family, oh how beautiful Allah's scenario, Alhamdulillah ^^

but I left my brother in Indonesia who's going to through the Ramadhan himself  *i'm sorry tee hee ;;)
well I pray for you that on next year u'll through the Ramadhan with ur wife, aamiin
I pray for all my brother and my sister will get marry quickly (klo perlu tahun ini keempat saudara tika nikah semua, hahahahaha) aamiin *i can't wait to be aunt hey!*waiting for a kid that's gonna call me auntyyy like the others, specially when I heard one of my friends said "hey, soon i'm going to be aunt for my nephew/niece" or "soon my sister's going to give a birth for her 1st daughter"

I just asking in my mind "oh my Allah, when that time will come to me?when will I say that?"

I just believe Allah have the best and maybe slow but sure :D *positive thinking, right?

ok, hope for readers or who read this blog may say "aamiin" ok?I beg you pleaseee >.<

Have a nice day everyone! ;)
Happy Fasting for Ramadhan's month !