Tuesday, January 27, 2015


Last week finally hangout with some of friends in Riyadh, and we went to bowling centre, yaaayy bowling time!
My bestie were here too, Farah, she's in holiday from Malaysia, we're friends since baby, got the same month and year of birthday, different about twenty days and I'm first..
Look!who's got the highest points here hahaha (show off) ;p

We've decided to take a pic with ZARA's background that written in arabic, but comes out like this, looks like it written as lili 

Wednesday, January 21, 2015


film Good Luck tentang pesawat ANA, Jepang, emang uda lama banget nonton dari SD, tapi berkesannya ampe sekarang, apalagi OSTnya enyak2 didenger!feel-nya dapet bgt, specially I love instrumental music, hehehe 
nah yang paling disukain di OST Good Luck ini yang Departure, iseng2 nyari d youtube cover pianonya, daaan liat ini dong yang di cover ama salah satu group orchestra Jepang ini makin PLUSPLUS! hiks terharu nontonnya :')
thumbs up!

Sunday, January 11, 2015

Random thoughts

"Jika ingin mendoakan akan kebaikan orang lain, maka doakanlah sebagaimana kamu mendoakan akan kebaikanmu sendiri, kala melihat fotomu sedang tersenyum"

That's what come to my mind as I see the picture of myself, what a random thoughts, right?

I just got disappointed honestly...
How can, someone who really close to you may said and did something bad after we did the good things to....

Oh what a life...

Now I've decided to make a space with...and it's for the best for all....

Thursday, January 8, 2015

Nu yea

Hellow 2015th!
It's still not too late to say happy nu yea, isn't it?
Wish u all have a good day,oh well this photo taken on last week, at Wadi Hanifah, I went there with my friends, and it's my first time to go there hahaha but alhamdulillah