Wednesday, November 30, 2011

make the tutorial of photoshop CS :)

well I got an assignment to make a tutorial how to clean up the things example: a pimple and how to changed the colours
so, I've been searching all the photos that I've taked, aand this is the result :




see the different between those photos?


Tuesday, November 29, 2011

i sad then u do the same

I told my brother about something...
and suddenly what I told him was made him feel the same
what a brother n sister
we feel sad tonight, really.
oh hope tomorrow will be different, we may greet the morning as the new day and a bright day

ah today I made 2 of sandwich for a demo, hmm the first sandwich called a "double cheese love" but in front of the class I said "the double cheese with love sandwich" it must be because i'm nervous when putting it all one by one like the tomatoes, the cucumbers piece, and the omelette  my hands were trembles >.< 
and the second I called "sandwich buat si kecil" which means for kid, it must be called "a chocolate's sandwich" waaaaaaaaaaaaa x____x
and I'm forget to take a picture of my sandwiches that I've made, but the happy things for me is my friends were liked it :)

Sunday, November 27, 2011


jauh dari keluarga awalnya memang menyedihkan, kangen, homesick, sakit alias demam karena jauh dari orang yang kita sayangi. ternyata g hanya dialami oleh bayi ketika jauh dari orangtuanya, namun kalangan remaja bahkan dewasa pun mengalaminya, termasuk tika :)
belakangan ini, ayah n mama jarang nelpon, disamping tika juga sibuk kuliah dan tugas menumpuk, seharusnya kontak2an pun akan dapat dilakukan tanpa sibuk itu sendiri dijadikan alasan
namun bagaimana dengan perbedaan waktu?
huaaaaaaaaaaa beda waktu 4 jam antara Riyadh-Indonesia...
disaat tika lagi istirahat, katakan jam 10 siang, disana baru saja jam 6 pagi, dimana orang2 sedang bersiap2 memulai aktifitas mereka T______________T
father and mother, my brothers, my sister, how I miss u all much....

memang tahun kedua di Indonesia ini sudah mulai terbiasa, tapi tetap aja, sekalinya jarang nelepon ya Allah..kangeeen
kadang kukerjain aja mama n ayah hihihi
jadi saat itu yang pertama adalah MAMA :
so I called my mother by phone, and mama answered
mama : halo
me : halo, bisa bicara dengan ibu amrul?
mama : iya saya sendiri
me : eehhhehehehe
mama : (realized that she got a call from her most beautiful daughter in this entire of world ;p) ahahahhahaha
so we laughing much, hihi peace mom, and she's so happy

what about my father?ehehehhe
one day as I do to mom, but it's just different in time, I called him in the morning, I do remember how the voice he had just woke up
ayah : hallo #dengan nadanya yang sangat khas sekali
me : hallo assalamualaikum, bisa bicara dengan pak amrul?
ayah : waalaikumussalam, iya dengan saya sendiri #dengan nada serius
me : ini tikaaaaaaaaaa ahahahhaha
ayah : #langsung berubah nada# ehh?atiik ahahhahahaha apakabar?aduh ayah dikerjain
mihihihihi :p

that's how I do joked with my family
there's another story when I do jokes with my brothers and sister
Alhamdulillah thank you my Allah, You give me the best family :*

I do feel insecure

dear God, may I ask You why do I feel sad today?
why do I feel lonely, really lonely T___T
even at that time my brother was beside me..

yesterday my bestie's hand got surgery because her some disposition muscles get well soon :)
but I can't there accompany her, really sorry yesterday I'm not feeling well
maybe that's the first reason why I feel sad..but sometimes I can't understand 4 myself....

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

on next week

at my campus there's a horror building called GG or Gunung Gede wheew
it's no used anymore about for many years o.o
and it's built by the Netherland's 
specially the second floor
but now?
the building has been renovated and will be re-used by my department starting from next week o.o
how scary but I like it hahahha let's see

Sunday, November 20, 2011


I told you ever about that cassava's snack on the post the snack
so one day me and my brother on satnite went to Pemda, and then we met the car named Markonah, aaah I remember my sister, I want her to eat this snack, so we went there and the salesman asked me to tried before buy that snack, hmm there are many kinds of it, there are basreng, cassava, and etc I can't remember, but I choose the cassava, when I tried uooow what a taste, really delicious! I love the lemon taste <3
still, wanna Karuhun T___T

beautiful date, lucky birthday's date

waw what a beautiful date for twice in a same month after 11-11-2011
so, who's person that having a lucky's birthday today?
that's my Father!!
happy birthday to you my beloved father, may all ur wishes come true and u are the best father in this entire of world for me and ur 5 children, i'm very proud of you :*

and another things that I have?
just stayed at home and do nothing except eat, watching tv, have a chat with my brother, and my sister -____-
aaaaaaaaaannnd, find the things for my assigment tomorrow geez

Sunday, November 13, 2011


today I went to Kemuning Gading bring my Papo
honestly, I feel lazy today, I think I need time to refresh my mind T___T
I've been busy by going anywhere, doing hunting, back home, take my lappy, sometimes need to bring out my lappy to homestay to do my assignment err
so what am I doing at Kemuning Gading?
of course dancing India for the second time o.o
again uh?
but at this time me and my friends not complete at all, we're just about 10 person not like before15 yeah because the other been busy by their activity :( I wish at that time we're completely to dancing together

and after that we went to Jakarta, return the costumes till about 3 pm while our on way to Bogor it's a big raining damn, even the sky was really dark o.o
but I enjoyed inside the car ^^

Saturday, November 12, 2011

too tired?

i'm doing my assignment in graphic subject, so the assignment is to putting a different colour of the ropes =____=
ohh it's killing me, using lasso tools by adobe photoshop o.o

hmm guess like a candy?or should it be more colourful?
and I made other :D

Friday, November 11, 2011

Cultural Festival

hey hey dear blogger meet again ;)
dalam mata kuliah komunikasi budaya itu ada festival budaya bagi temen2 PK KMN, naah kebetulan kelompok tika yang terdiri dari 15 orang memilih budaya India hihi ^^
awalnya dikira mudah, makin ketengah - tengah sempet bingung, tapii doesn't matter nah pas hari H - 2  kelompok ini khusus para wanita di henna atau pake pacar :D
here's the result :
I love them, we're like a family and I feel comfortable with them <3


so 11-11-11
what a beautiful date right? :D
hmm a special day?
a nice day?
a tired day?
a hot day?

Sunday, November 6, 2011

what's ur theme?

I don't know exactly what's my topic in this post o.o
I have no idea, so what about this photo?

the snack

hmm I do like a chips except cassava, because it doesn't have a taste, I mean the flavor not tasty even it crunchy as potatoes, then one day my friends were talking about maicih, and the more surprising it has a LEVEL!from 1 or five till 10 level, damn! it's like a game, what about if I have the last level where I'm gonna fight the king in the of the game hahaha no that's not it
I never buy that snack but my friends who loves spicy yes they does. so I tried from level 5 hmm yeah it's spicy but not much, argh it's not tasty by it's flavour, dunno why I don't like that chips and I tried at level 10 WOOOHOOOO THAT'S SO HOT!!HOT!! just eat about 6 chips I can't bear it, I drank water till I feel full but it wasn't enough to make it that spicy in my mouth and I lose control with my mouth opened and I got dizzy and at that time I found the syrup, I drank it a much without adding it with water  =____= geezzz

till I found again about cassava chips called KARUHUN!
hmm what's the different with maicih?I look my friends were bought it and I saw the product whoa, sounds interesting after my friends told me that it's different and it has a lemon taste *yehhaa that's my favorite, LEMON!
hmm so I find my friends who sell that chips, and bought it, and I can't wait to try that chips. I went to homestay and I picked 1 anddd........

NYUMMYYY!!!SO CRUCHY and it's real have a taste!this is what I've been searching hihihi <3
yeah I bought it twice and now I addicted of karuhun =9
but I heard that there's a new cassava chips called Margonah or Markonah or etc I'm forget and it's hard to remember, sounds funny

she told me

she said
"No prob, maybe this is not ur time yet, someday the real prince charming will come to you, when nobody get hurts because of you"

beside I'm not in my mood right now and I'm afraid to falling in love, I don't want to hurt the others

the good day

one day I went to Depok, to k tita's homestay, I don't know what 'kosan' is, fool me
I'm in bad mood to write this though but I want to share about photography that I took at Depok, at first I don't want to bring my camera, I asked Tita what can I take in Depok, should we do hunting?but she said no, in Depok we don't have a place or special things to take with.and I decided to bring my beloved Nikon named "Papo" *let's adventure together Papo ^^
I went there by train myself, geez that's my first time went to Depok by myself without my friends o.o
i just pray to my Allah to safe me till Depok
uaaah I'm happy that I arrived Depok safely and meet Tita, thank u Allah :*
hmm fortunately there are lots of objects that I can take with, when we went to Margo, there is an event of margomobile, I'm happy I can took a pict closer with that stage :

btw look at between his thigh wkwkwk

aaand I met Ochiiim and his sister, Fitri who's gonna get marry on next week, happy for you ^^

ochim and his sister

fitri's fitting her shoes

 Tita and Ochim :D

 who's she? :))
 me and ochim

 o.o how funny, hahaha

they're in storebook, so I took a photo's of them, well one of them said : hey, we've caught by a camera! don't forget to tag me on facebook, and his friend said : u still use fb?I use friendster :))

Saturday, November 5, 2011


alhamdulillaaaah bersyukur banget bisa sekolah di SIR <3
emang banyak kisah disana, dan yang paling penting adalah ilmunya :)
jadi dapet tugas bikin majalah yang terdiri dari 6 orang, dan masing2 orang bikin 4  halaman
tika seneng banget ada pengalaman dari SIR bikin majalah Teladan yang sekarang gtw kabarnya, semoga terbit lagi dengan yang lebih kreatif dan lebih baik, amin. dan tak hanya pengalaman di SIR yang itu aja, dari Microsoft Word, excel, terus penggunaan photoshop, dan terakhir yang sempet belajar itu corel, semua bermanfaat disini!alhamdulilllah, jadi tika uda punya bekal untuk selanjutnya, terima kasih guru2 dan kawan2ku, semoga Allah membalas itu semua dengan pahala yang berlipat2 tak terhingga, amiin :*

majalah beres, uda kuedit sebagaimana perfect menurutku, gtw deh menurut teman dan dosen, hehe, namuuun ketika itu dipegang lagi oleh temenku, dieditlah halamannya, dan letaknya!halaman yang sebelah kiri ditaro di ujung kanan, kemudian halaman kanan ditaro di ujung kanan, yang kanan emang bener, lah yang kirii???mana ada majalah pojok halaman ditaro di kanan semua?adanya selang seling, bukan sombong tapi sebagai pengamat ya emang begitu ya Allah dan namaku salah diketiknya pula!!! rahma dan sarinya dipisah, ya Allah padahal uda ngomong lantang n jelas JANGAN DIPISAH!
hiks :'(

oke, tapi gpp, aku senang ada salah satu halamanku itu g diutak atik hihihihi :p
kan ntar presentasi juga di depan
hmmm terus senang lagi karena tugas majalah uda beres, tapi tunggu!masih ada festival indiaa :D
aih g sabar rasanya memakai baju india untuk penari dan mecicipi sambusak meskipun orang2 bilangnya samosa, sambosa, bagiku malah aneh klo nyebut begitu hihi biarlah yang penting makanan dari Riyadh yang indah itu ada juga disini <3

oia kata k2 kelas ini baru semester 3 dan pemanasan akan kesibukan di awal2, nantilah pada semester 4-5 dimana saat itu benar2 kesibukan datang melanda, begadang pun sudah tak diherankan lagi o.o
let's see what will happen next