Saturday, January 30, 2010

what a day LOL

today is achmad birthday, don't u know?
achmad brought a cake called Black Forest maybe coz it tastes great xD

ok so after that, my friends started to put the cakes on achmad's face and he said "udah dong, udaah bimbeel" while he said that, his friends keep do it and also ME :))
but I just once, and so many my friends more than me, til his face like a statue :))
I prefer to eat coz I'm hungry at that time, while I'm eating, my feeling just said "tika, watch out, achmad bakal ngamuk nih balesin semua satu per satu"
so I looked back, and that's RIGHT! achmad stand up from his sit, and I run away with Icha n Aisya, my another friends scream out loud "gyaaaaaaaaaaaaaa"

so we hide for a while, when we came back, icha and aisya are running again, except me!
all my friends, except me, manda (at that time in her house), aisya n icha, already got it cake on their face :))

so when I want to run again, it late coz annie already catch me till I got down ampe guling2 and my friends catch ME waaaaaaaaaa my face full of chocolate ><
don't u know?I taste it cake twice, but from my lips :))
and some of my friends put it till it got into my NOSE!!!
aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa tika ngupil (ngeluarin tu kue yg masuk idung)yg ada kue cokelat deh yang keluar =))
*PD banget ya ngomongnya?* ^^V
but the most parah tu TIKA! ampe guling2 gara2 pada nyerbu --"

yah cemong dah tika, errr happy and fun :))
and when manda's back to school, and she looked us, she said "omg" and run away =))
so when she came back, and after bimbel, we put all sisa of chocolates on her face but parahnya ampe nyiram pake air 1 botol, LOL
manda has twice her birthday :))

Friday, January 29, 2010

last night :)

we walked around, to faisaliah huaaaaa so happy :)
I ate ice cream, named LOVE POTION, it tastes great xD
don't u know?I'm so happy, I can't say it with words ><

one more time, I'm SPEECHLESS.................

so so happy x)

at that night was sooo cold, that's why I love winter, since I was 15th, I know that there's always a story of love in Winter :)
I'm so thankful God <3


Wednesday, January 27, 2010


well today I feel something weird in my heart, all in one, feel dizzy, I cry I cry and I cry T______________T


dunno why, he always come, he always there, when I cry...why?
I even dunno why ><
at that time, he change my bad mood to good mood :)

at that time I can't control myself, don't u know?I just wasted my time!!!!
it's hard to meet him ><
only certain time we can meet each other, but???
why I just left him ???
I just went away, without say nothing......

I'm so sorry T________________________________T
I really really I'm, I don't mean it :(

after a hour I cried, my sister send me a message, she told me that he was here....
at first, I can believe it, I tried to read it again, I think my sister told me that he was ol, but, it's uncommon, she wouldn't sent me a message, that's mean he really was here !

I'm so sorry at this time I can't accompany u to go anywhere...
but after my national exams, let's hang out together :')

"I'm happy when u said to me "why?" while my heart was sad"
thank u so much :')
<3 u

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

about my class

thankful to Allah, Allah's the one who answer my pray :)
from 1st senior high school I always pray to Allah, hopes that Allah will send me and SIR many friends, specially in my class

and wanna know the result?
the result is, now 3rd of senior high school is the 1st large students in our school Alhamdulillah :)
that's all of course because of Allah ><
since I sit in 1st SHS, I prayed that I wanna have a 12 members in my class, and it's became true, even tough now are about 11 students, but I'm so thankful of it ^^

which class I love the most?
the answer of course my Dulasmangka, my 3rd SHS, coz I've a bad experience when I'm 1st and 2nd shs, don't want to remember, just let it past and hope it'll never happened anymore ^^

Sunday, January 24, 2010

bleeding or kegores?

well I dunno what should I write about topic today, but I tell you a small things which is not important :))

ok this morning, when I took out my books, my hand got a stretch on it, omg, at first I just lil shock, but after that, whew, I feel hurt --"
it's not short, little long, the most I feel hurt when I washed it with a wet tissue hahaha

humm before that happens, in the morning when I have my breakfast, it's hot, wheew but because of time, so I ate it fast till I feel burn in my tongue....

oh ya, the annoyed things is, when I having my biology's class, I got slept !
LOL, dunno why, I'm very sleepy at that time till I got sleep --"
and ryan was take a video of me while I'm sleeping, arrrrrrrrrrrrr
even ryan lil shout to wake me up, I still sleep !

hufft, maybe about 15 minutes ! hahahhaha my teacher and my friends, they are not wake me up !
but, when I realized and wake up, I feel fresh, well even tough I only have my sleep 15 minutes :))
wheew, don't u know?
my friends was make a fun of me, they told me that I'm ngigau called him _ _ h _ a _and my teacher looked at me and asked my friends, who is he?

I believe them at first, but my heart can't be lied, so at last I found out my friends just make a fun of me :))

Friday, January 22, 2010

umroh bareng

di bus yang paling asik pas dari madinah, selesai makan, matiin lampu bus, n pada tidur semua ampee nyampe di Riyadh, bener2 tenang deh suasananya :))

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

injection makes me sad n got lil sick

so this morning I'm busy with my formulir to IPB, they said that it's late, but I'm optimistic that it will be accepted, amiin xD there's still a time :D

at 9.00 the doctor and his antek2 come to my school, so from junior till senior high school should got injection, except fadil n ryan, they keep playin basketball =))
ryan was so scared about injection :))

and before I turn is manda, she's so scared, she called my name with fear, omg it makes me feel scared too, dunno why, maybe just because I got cold --"
I already with my left hand, but the arabic person said "ckckckck (he told me to right arm)"
omg, I don't want my right arm, coz my teacher told me, it'll stiff, so it better to get injection with left arm, ok so I tried to accept the fate :))
coz manda lil scared, I got scared too =))
well, it lil hurt, and I can't believe it, my arm where the injection got puffy, omg, so hurt, I got headache, I wanna throw up, my face turn into white special my lips =.=

I just realized that I'm not breakfast yet, so I decide to eat after got the injection huaaaaaaaaaaa so sad, I'm crying to feel this pain *lol*
and not too long after I came back to the class, my friends told me that they're feel sick too, but not like me, I think I'm the most feel the pain than them --"

my heart called him......

after came back from the school, I wanna online, but my handphone got a bad signal, so I slept, till at 19.20 he sent me a message but I didn't realized it, till 10.30 T________________T
I'm so sorry, I just read it and he told me as usual before we went slept, so there's 2 messages from him ><
till I dreamed of u, that u sent me a message and asked me "tika, are u alright?" x)
it makes me woke up and open my cellphone....

today I'll going umroh, insya Allah I'll remember what should I say to Allah :)
and his order of pray ^^

Sunday, January 17, 2010


today our topic is :
the most important thing is
I'll take Sains Komunikasi & Pengembangan Masyarakat, S1
y Allah, mudah2an hamba diterima, amiin y Allah
mohon doanya yaah, moga2 diterima, n temen2 juga diterima d universitas yang diinginkan, amiin :)

Allahumma amiin y Allah ^^

Thursday, January 14, 2010


huuuh why yah, if I just met some or many :
there's so much people told me that from my face they think I still in JUNIOR HIGH SCHOOL !

it's oqelahqalobegito, baby face, awet muda *amiiin*

*hahahahhahaha dodol* :P:P


today I've chat with him, he support me to cheer up ^^
aaa I love it when he said "Insya Allah, yes"

I believe you :)

Mr. principal told us that we just believe, and keep pray, don't ever asked "can I?" that's mean we're not believe with ourselves.

so, that's mean LET LOVE LEAD THE WAY :D


wish me luck...

y Allah, hamba g boleh MANJA, harus RAJIN n MANDIRI


semangatsemangatsemangat !!!

Jaga Perasaan

I know that I'm a sensitive person, but I learn from it, bcause I know myself, so I tried to manage myself to be better and better, but I found out that there's my friend who don't care if someone dislike with her or not, how cool :D
I like it, in Indonesian we called "Cuek"
hahahaha I want this one I have in myself, but my principal said "be a CARE people"
well, but I'm so sensitive, I wanna throw it but I can't but there's a words "jadikan kekurangan itu adalah kelebihan"

how ya?

does it mean "sensitive" so there's a "care" ?
dear God, please help me, I know that You always gimme the best, and please, I wanna manage myself to be better than before ><

buuut the most important I wanna throw this one "LAZY"



kesel, g salah apa2 ko dikeselin?klo g suka NGOMONG !


Wednesday, January 13, 2010

he know

hahahahahha he asked me who's the person that I mean, on my post b4 :))
and that's true :P


he know

hahahahahha he asked me who's the person that I mean, on my post b4 :))


Tuesday, January 12, 2010


beruntung ya bagi mereka yang udah meraih kesuksesan, meraih apa yang diharapkan...

tika liat poto, jadi pacarnya yang perempuan ngasih surprise gitu ke yang laki2nya, so sweet banget deh, pacarnya dateng bawa kue n pas pacarnya lagu tidur SURPRISE ! hihihihi
how cute xD

Can I do like that? ><
I hope so...

Monday, January 11, 2010


I feel cold tonight...
I think when I write this blog, he's sleeping ^^
sleep tight hun...

tonight. I do miss him...
wish u always have a good day everyday :)

<3 u

Saturday, January 9, 2010


02-01-2010 6:24am

tika, wish u a good luck for ur UAS.
Semangat n have a gud day.

16-11-2009 11:41am

yupz, we are.

I <3 the way u smile
I <3 the way u talk
I <3 the way look at my heart

but, what I <3 the most is the way u love me with ur heart. :-*

12-11-2009 5:56am *at Indonesia

"if u feel lonely just look 2 d moon, u will feel that u are close 2 sum1 that u love"

he said

27-10-2009 11:06

<3 is the greatest feelin
<3 is what I feel 4 u each n everyday
<3 is like a song
<3 is a great feeling that keep us strong.
gud night n sweetdream sweetheart




hufft I though that today will be a good day for me to see the good mark of my exams...
but the result...

I just got dissappointed of myself, I can't believe it!!!
hufft, what's wrong with me?
nyam, thank u my love, u give me ur support ^^
and also my mom told me, don't even give up :)

aaa i love you all <3
well, it's ok for me, I should be more study hard to get a good score, and I was cry to see my bad scoree huaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa I can't believe it, really I get mad of myself ><


my happiness

I should posted this post yesterday, yeah just because I'm back home at 23.00, that's my time to sleep, so I decided to post this today :D
ok, what I want to tell u here is about :

in the aftanoon, my sweetheart sent me message told me that he met my brother and my cousins afta came back from kudu, so they gathered together and have fun --"
that's all makes me jealous, coz at that time I'm at school helped my sister
afta that my father and my sista asked me to go to batha nyam =3
to take a look the handphone that I want to :D
I'm in love with sony, so I wanna keep buy with sony's brand, well even tough they are made in China, it's ok if it has a good quality :D

so, after isya we went there together, and try to find the store with a good penjual :))
at last we met the good penjual, ramah and so on, I have 2 choice :

at first I wanna like Asa's cellphone :

and my sister was took a look in websites, there are 2 choice :

first :

i like it style, and it cost SR. 600, at first when I look by pic I like to, but when I hold it, I don't think so :D
and the 2nd : 

yeah this is my choice, my father also like it, but it cost SR. 1.150 with discount aka negotiation so SR.1.100, so when I took a look on it, I saw a bond of it :O
I told my father to buy it later, but....
my father just pay it at that time ><
my God, I was surprised, I can't believe it, and I told my father "ayah, tika bilang g usah, knp sekarang?tika g maksa ko, g usah aja yah, mahal"
but my father just smiled and said "gpp, kau kan mau ujian, tar kepikiran terus lagi"
and I said "engga ko, tika juga g terlalu berharap banget mw beli hp ini, kan bisa klo beli pas abis ujian, sebagai hadiah kelulusan"
well, sepanjang perjalanan nyari sayur dkk, tika dieeem aja, and all I can do is just took a look of it cellphone :') , really I am, dunno what to say, ayah baik banget, Alhamdulillah, tika bersyukur, tika dapet hp itu dengan mudahnya, gak nyampe 1 bulan tika mw hp ini, tapi udah dapet, y Allah, lagi2 rencana Allah itu indah....
tika mikir, ayah ngirim duit wat 2 k2 tika yang d indo, bayar rumah, bayar sekolah tika, belum lagi klo tika kuliah. 1000 klo wat hp lebih baik yang lain deh. tapi yah mw gmana lagi, my dad said :
"tika kan belum pernah dbeliin hp yang bener2 baru"
"pernah ko tu hp bunting, apa serinya lupa, 800 real"
padahal sebelumnya tika bilang, tika mw hp yang 400 ato 600 real aja deh, y Allah, makasi y Allah, alhamdulillah, tika mw nangis saat itu juga, tapi g bisa, malu juga tar orang2 batha pada ngeliatin bengong.
y Allah, sayangilah kedua ortu hamba, semoga dari k2 tika yang ptama ampe tika sukses semua, biar bisa membuat mereka tersenyum bahagia, dan membalas jasa2 mereka selama ini, amiiin :')

I love them y Allah x')
they always give me many supports...I don't know what will I be without them...
and you, my love, thank u for ur supports too, you fill my days....
y Allah, apa yang kurang dariMu?

I have my family, I have my parents
I have my lovely friends
I have someone who loves me
I can eat as I want
I can do what I want to
I can go to school and studying
Alhamdulillah y Allah T________T

y Allah, wish that people will feel the happiness like what I feel, amin :)

Thursday, January 7, 2010

me and my heart

I don't understand with my heart, coz my heart sometimes said something that I don't want to  T__________T
that's makes me feel tired of myself, sometimes makes me wanna get it out, and think that I don't wanna keep this heart, I don't wanna have this heart....
but that's when my heart said something negative thing, astaghfirullaah
but I love my heart when my heart always said a positive thing, like thankful to Allah aand so on, when my heart was happy, when I'm in this situation, I wanna always keep my heart, and take care of my heart...

but I hate it when I can't control my heart to stop to said something the bad thing. like loss and out of control :(

actually, I'm happy to be myself, and thankful to Allah ^^
alhamdulillah :)
I want people feel the happiness of this life, and actually, if I take a look of the people around me, there's so many things that I should be thankful to Allah, coz many people don't have what we have, but humans sometimes didn't realized it, and think that Allah's not loyal with them..nauzubillah ><
at the fact, we must be thankful :)
Allah's loyal with us, if we wanna get more of Allah's happiness, so we must be thankful more more and more, be more we always do it, Allah will more love us, more we love Allah, Allah will more more more more love us than our love to Allah :D

so, at last I should be thankful to have my heart :P
well even tough that sometimes I always have a debt with my heart and choose the things that I should or not. but that's how life's work *nyambung g si?*
nothing in this world are PERFECT
everything just need a process, everything always have a 2 sides, negative and positive, agree?



coz I had a sweet moment, that called "SWEETHEART" :)

Tuesday, January 5, 2010




dunno why......



I know why, but I can't explain?

where's him?

tumben, today I didn't see him online, not like usual, where's him ya?

Monday, January 4, 2010

exam today

math, i like it but, I dislike that I can't find a way to reach the answer by myself ><
so I use my feeling, huaaa T___________T

I wanna use my way to find the answer but I can't, y Allah, how ya?

exam today

math, i like it but, I dislike that I can't find a way to reach the answer by myself ><
so I use my feeling, huaaa T___________T

I wanna use my way to find the answer but I can't, y Allah, how ya?

Sunday, January 3, 2010

Ulangan Akhir Semester 1 :D

ahahahha mantap judulnya lengka, padat and JELAS :D
ok, this week I must study well for my final exams of this semester, and I must study well for national exams too, pray me x)

ok, today I feel well, alhamdulilah ^^
and after done exams today, I went to my cousin's house to see my Aisya, waa I miss her so much, and after miss miss an I wanna go home, so I called my father, I waited there till 1.40, when I realized that time was his time to going home xD
aaaahh I'm so happy, so I took a look the road, finding where the bus Al Rowad xD
and I pray, y Allah, please, I wanna see him, even tough only the bus, it's ok ><
and Allah answered my pray hihihi how glad, well I didn't see him, once again I just saw the bus, but I'M HAPPY <3

and after arrived at home, I kissed my mom, and so on, I laughed coz I bothered my mom while she played ZUMA's GAME hahahahha u know my mom have a good skill on it, I know for refreshing, so I made my mom scared, hoaaa c'mon mom there there *lil scream* makes my mother panic of her game =))

so, I take a photos of myself aka narsis xD
and look at my schedule for tomorrow are Agama Islam (Religion of Islam) and Math
humm now I know, I shouldn't dislike any subjects, at first, I hate math, physics, biology, chemistry, coz it's hard, but now I realized, if I hate them, I know it's always hard for me, so take it easy, and try to not dislike its ^^
when we already think it easy, insya Allah on the future we can pass them with easily, speacially to face them called UAN, so CHEER UP ^^

Friday, January 1, 2010

happy new year all :)

Y Allah, 2010 must be better than 2009, amiin :)
specially my prepare to face the national exam aka UAN, y Allah I wanna prepare it well so I can answer the exams amiiin ^^

Alhamdulillah, today's my mom birthday, wish u all the best mom, amiin ^^
y Allah berikanlah panjang umur untuk ibuku, sayangilah beliau, begitu juga ayahku
rabbi firli waliwalidayya warhamhuma kama rabbayani saghira, amiin..

I love them all, thank u mom and dad, they give me their love till now :')
y Allah, I wanna make them happy, and proud of me ><
and also proud of their children....

I'm happy that I pass the new year with him ^^
thank u <3
we pass the new year at Tasya's house with our friends, even tough that Fadil and Ryan wasn't here joined with us T___T