Wednesday, January 27, 2016

There are times when

There are times when the logic must win

There are times when to not to speak more

There are times when the time will answer

There are times when it's time to understand

There are times when good and bad things comes up together in a day

There are times when ...

Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Early gift in January

Whenever me and my Father going to Sumaysi, we often passed this mosque, I remember back then even from afar I attracted with its architectures

Sometimes, we missed a little pray that might we asked from the deepest, then got forgot but not forgotten till one day it happened, we remember, and that's when Allah gives the surprise!

In some of my experiences sometimes Allah answers my du'a when I'm about to give up (maybe) almost forgot....
So that's when they say 'the miracles begin when you are about to quit'

I don't know at the time when I entered the Guest House, the place that only specifics people can go into, and of course we called them 'guests of honour'

And I'll be like 'wut da...?' Aga2 norak atuhlah maap yak hehehe

Ah so this is how it feels surrounded by the guardians

Unforgettable moment, alhamdulillah 

Thursday, January 14, 2016

I love weekend

Yaaaay weekend!!finally, Alhamdulillah
Selamat berakhir pekaaaan 

Kapanpun pas saat nyampe rumah dan liat kasur uda digelar itu...
Tinggal ganti baju, dan teparrr bangun pagi sepuasnya tanpa ada rasa terikat


Tuesday, January 12, 2016

All about You

Makin pasrah sama Allah itu menyenangkan, apalagi tiap ketemu hal2 negatif di sekitar yang bisa memunculkan kekhawatiran, dan kalimat andalan yang bisa dibilang anti-worried, dimana tiap mengucap kata itu di dalam hati langsung lega, rasa khawatir itu seakan ditendang keluar "get out" adalah "ah ada Allah ini" atau "ah ga ada yang kebetulan ini"

Terlebih doa doa kecil yang langsung dikabulkan, ketika bisa mensyukuri dan merasa sangat berarti semisal dari hal makanan, mungkin bagi kita biasa aja, but who knows di mata Allah, hambaKu dikasih rejeki segitu mampu bersyukur, bagaimana jika Kuberi lebih?

So all good things are worth waiting for, memang berdasarkan pengalaman pribadi when it turns about the bigger thing that I asked, it must be longer for waiting, at the end it just the matters of time...

I do really curious what will happen next, maybe if I asked "ya Allah, what's your next plan for me?I may dont know yet because tomorrow's mystery, but if I can ask, may You make my life better than today" I believe at the same time Allah's smiling at me and say "You will be happy if You know what I've prepared for you"

Maybe I cried today, or maybe I nagged and can't accept the truth, but I believe one day I'll laugh to my past
One thing that make me tired is I have to deal between the logic and the heart that what it wants, the ego, the logic says "Cmon Tika, you just have to accept the truth!" The two different things called "you've think too much"

Monday, January 4, 2016

Cloudy Riyadh

The first day going to work in 2016
Today's cloudy, just like what I wear today, my hijab's grey, n my shirt also the same color
i just realized it now, so take a look to the sky, see the clouds that covered the sun, still we get it lights 
Do you believe it that the weather also make an impacts to our mood?
Cloudy today makes me feel gloomy, yet happy
Even the mood changes, still can't avoid the destiny
A simple "hi" can change your whole day

A simple "hello" towards you, appreciate it, they know you're exist...

Friday, January 1, 2016