Saturday, July 30, 2011

ok thank's to Drama Dream High
REALLY it gives me a new motivation, new spirit uuuuuu yeah !!! xD
I LOVE THAT DRAMA, it's the best drama that I've ever watched <3

I love the song's of it drama with title Dream High, take a look on it's lyrics :)

Taec Yeon

on the last post I was a big fans of Minho's Shinee


gyaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa x____x

no title

the more I finding about myself, the more I find the experience, the more I find the real happiness was, the more I tried to understand about the things in this world....
the more and the more...
and, so on

but, why the more I understand, I feel like I should controlled with what I've done, with what I've been searching about....
hhhh I'm confused.....
Tried to understand with myself, I should know myself than the others.....

know what?

I was happy outside, but inside?
Inside, I don't know certainly, am I happy or sad, even I said that outside I was happy, then inside must be sad?
I think no...
Inside I feel empty, inside I feel sad, and the weird things is I feel happy too =___=


I need love, but I feel empty
oh or I don't need love?no that's a BIG LIE!!
where that feelings go?

Thursday, July 28, 2011

holiday aaand holiday

oh it's about next week that I'll go back to Indonesia to continue my lecture, geez so fast, again so fast, I can't stop to say so fast for time which goes on without care with people, just people who should take care on it, because when they not, u know what will happen to those people who don't take an attention to it...

hmm now I'm fall in love with korean drama "Dream High" u know I've got a good advantage and advice 4 my motivation ^^

it's an AMAZING drama even in the end something weird and not acceptable, um i mean unbelievable, okay before watching this drama I like Taecyeon which member of 2AM or 2PM??aaah still can't make a difference between those groups =___=
aaah I don't even remember the members, I just know Taecyeon and Nickhun because their handsome face hahahahha *PLAAKK

I started to look toward Taecyeon in korean drama "Stepsister" but at that drama he has a cup hair...LOL
and one daaay I heard from my friends were talked about Dream High, I just wonder, why I curious with that drama, and it seems that my friends set excited on their face, that makes me wanna watch that drama but, I just let it...

and when I'm here, I tried to asked my cousin, my friend, they told me that was a good drama, so at the 1st episode there's Taecyeon with his cool eyes huaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa x_____________x
nyo nyo how lucky if I can meet him, not only see him on glass screen hiks hiks
Dear God, would you mind genie my wishes?

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Monday, July 18, 2011

it's about

about 2 weeks left that I'm here
oh noooooooooooooooooooo I need more time to...
but life must go on haha and my college on 15th august are waiting for
to continue my college in Indonesia


ohh talking about these languages

u know, I've been from my friend's home
and I saw my friends were talking with another by english language, and they talking fluently, huaaaaaaaaaaaaa soooo envyyyyyyyyy to be truth! x_x
I wanna be like them, really

ugh, I tried to write down in this blogger used english bcause I want to improve my english *again, i don't know how many times I told y about this =____=
well, but still, I feel same, oh I need smeone to talk to and improving this language, God! help meee :(

everytime I see the people talked english a lot, the more I notes them, the words that they used, andd so on....

what about korean language?

haha this one which I love to used to speak with some of my friends who already understand this language
hmm I tried to learn by searching on the internet, by the dictionary that i've brought, and by watching it drama, and make a comparison between the korean language that the people on it drama used and the translate by english, well I want to improve them both, so that's why I used to watch every foreign drama by english translate :)

hello Riyadh :)

thank u Allah, alhamdulillah
now I'm here, the place where I was born :')
when the plane was landing, in my heart just singing Maher Zain's song - Alhamdulillah

i'm sorry that I can post now, well the dsl in my home just repaired -___-

on Tuesday - Friday insya Allah I'll go to Mecca, once again, alhamdulillah, Mecca, i'm comiiingg <3
oh how I missed the past day where me and my friends when we still in SHS, we went umroh together, now that moments happened over 2 years ago, how fast o.o

btw, the end of harry potter the deadly hallows part 2 are coming out already T___T
and my friend here have watched it lucky her
but, my friends in Indonesia haven't watch it yet, bcause in this year the harry potter's movie wasn't come in there oh noooo how bad :(

the other things, he just brought me an ice cream, hoho thank uuu so much ^^
your debt has been paid hehehehe


I miss Bogor alreadyy waaaah, I miss bakso boboho, mie ayam, bubur sumsum, annndd so on
and I miss my friends, specially BB <3
and my friends in my old homestay
miss u all hiks :'(

alhamdulillah my IP wasn't bad at all hehe even tough it's still same as the last semester grrr
but it's alright, let's do the best for next semester
here I come the 3rd semester, hope I'll get a better IP, amiiiiiiiiiiiin

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

I can't sleep

I can't sleep so I just want to write down what I'm thinking now....
I want to flashback what I've done, thank's to Allah, to give me a chance to live in this world, to give me many things to learn, so I know life is learning....
I thankful to Allah...alhamdulillah :)
I know I'm a sensitive person, because I know it so I want to change it,,but It's not easy as flipping your hand..
well, it's a simple thing, ex : i meet someone who I know, and then I say hello and smiled to her/him, but he/she doesn't give me a smile back, then i think that "what's wrong with me?did I do something wrong?"
damn, it called suudzon hahahhaha which I want to minimiser it =___=

and one of my lecturer told me that if you wanna know why you have your attitude like this, then see your parents...
I know now why I'm a sensitive person, but, let's make it minimiser :)

tomorrow, Bismillah

tomorrow, I'll go to Riyadh, to meet my family and have a holiday for 1 month
what I feel now?
of course
alhamdulillaah, ya Allah semoga tika selamat ampe tujuan dan ketemu lagi dengan keluarga disana, amiin :')

dear God, I praises to you, really really Alhamdulillah
so tomorrow at 7 will go to Damri, and go to Soekarno-Hatta airport
see u again my friends, gonna miss u all so much much :*:*
see u again Bogor :)

tayang juga kelas C

oke, sekitar bulan april klo ndak salah kelas C ini ke OVJ, ditunggu hari demi hari, bulan demi bulan, ko ndak tayang2 ya?
soalnya tmen2 kelas A, B, D pada ke acara Hitam & Putih di trans 7 dan itu udah tayang semua, ini kelas C kemanaa :p
pikirnya beberapa temen2 mungkin ndak tayang karena ada sensor, ada yang tidak layak tayang, uda gitu kadang ada acara yang Live, klopun yang taping juga belum tayang, eeeh kemaren malem pas lagi jalan sama abang belanja, ada sms dari temen2, "eeh ada tikaaaaaa hahahahaha" nah itu sms dari Dini, tika kira dia liat tika di jalan atau dimana gtu, tika tanya balik, "emang Dini lagi dimana>" ndak lama dibales lagi pas tika udah nyampe rumah "lho?tika dimana emang?tika ada di OVJ trans 7 tuh sekarang" tika langsung ke atas nyalain TV, begitu ngeliat OMG tika aneh bangeeeet disituuu pengen ngakak hahahahahaa xD

ini linknya, untung ada di utube hihihi mana pas nonton udah bagian tengah lagi hiks :'( pas lagi nonton ndak ada, giliran lagi keluar oalaaah nongool