Friday, November 26, 2010

a poem?maybe

feel the wind
it comes into my heart

deep inside
my heart
I could feel the emptiness

wanna falling in love

where's that feelings go? :(


Kenapa semua jadi terasa hambar?
kenapa semua jadi begini?
kenapa rasa bingung, kalut semua campur aduk menjadi satu?

Thursday, November 25, 2010


day by day, I learned about people though, how they're thinking about something, and how from the different of them, the way they judge what they're thinking about someone
and specially for me, sometimes suddenly I'm ilfeel with someone, and i just try to throw it away and maybe that's just my feeling, suddenly ilfeel without reason, what's wrong with myself?
aaaannnddd I found out hahaaha
ternyata saya adalah orang yang cepat tanggap ya :D
ada temen yang menceritakan aaanndd so on -____________-

Wednesday, November 24, 2010


okay, wanna talk about what am I doing while in the class

I love to see my friends activity, specially when the dosen were not in the class, whoow u can imagine they passed and meet each other, talking, singing, playing, etc.
crowded situation, when i'm in my mood, I may smiled to them, I could feel their happiness
whenever I'm not in my mood, I may out from the class, alone, walked through the path and, see nature through the window, feel the wind....
after that, back to the class, check out whether the instruction already back or not hahaha

after the class is over, omg if it at 12-02 pm, got dunno what to do lol
if it over in the afternoon, back to the kost, and take a rest, prepare for the next day

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

good friend/s

a good friends are who tell to their friend if he/she did wrong, and give her/him a good advice!

happy 13th Anniversary :D

hehehe it's so fast, right? :D
as time passed by, now we're here, started October 2009
till now, November 2010

okay, back to with what I'm doing now
lately, I felt bored, uh stressed out I guess, after met a small problem and not important I thought, really
she's mature enough I think, but she couldn't face her problem by herself, she asked her friends -____-
and why her friends not give her a good advice?
they're mature enough!not a kid anymore, and not a students of SHM!
hope Allah give them hidayah, amiin :)

well, to be a good person isn't easy
but CHEER UP to do something in a positive way ! :D

Friday, November 5, 2010

miss them

i looked all my photos, specially when i looked at photos of pelepasan dulasmangka :')
what a special moment, looking at my mother n father's, makes me feel I should cheer up, i should get my spirit up for my college, my family, my motivation, and of course, that's all i do because of Allah :)


tuntut ilmu, yea, i should have a motivation why i take my college :)
and i should know why ^^



Tuesday, November 2, 2010


fiuh I'm sleepy now
on 7th Nov will be OBSCURA, nyam
time goes so fast...


now, I just seen a web on kaskus about the students of university who did an operation to a dead body

that's so bad -__-


 muach :*

I miss you
The Fray - Never Say Never



tonight, I feel so empty...

I don't know am I wanna cry, or mad, or anything...
really empty, it seems I always asked "what's wrong with my heart?"
and I think I know myself, but I couldn't describe it how...
how are u my bf? T__T

we've been passed one year more now

where are you?
I feel so empty...