Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Early morning early gift

I tried to skip my dinner due my diet hahaha let's not say for it, bcause "diet for tomorrow" 

So I looked for snack, drink inside the refrigerator, ended up just found one pudding with nata de coco, then I feel hungry, not only me, even my father n older brother

Then we went to bagalah bought some snacks and bread for breakfast, n while driving and almost reached the traffic light my father decided to pass the McD, and out of plan we got stopped by one of the staff there, he gave us 3 vouchers then told us to go thrpugh the drive thru to take the burgers, OMG for free!!!Alhamdulillah

Thank you McD

Last night

It was a good day, I think this is my first time, things happen right after I wrote my list to do, such as getting courses of arabic and english (glad and praises to Allah i got both of them) and korean, japanese (not yet)

And also continuing to college to UT, actually I wanna join the toastmasters dunno why find it hard to go and searches for the place. so decided not to take it

For me, took courses I've got two things, gaining acknowledge, and new friends!
Indeed social really needed in human being, for me, i might feel bored if i only placed in one surrounding, there there you again and you again specially when i cant improve myself to be better, such a bored person haha

Well that's my April in 2016th, thnx God!

Thursday, April 7, 2016

Special of April

more closer to June which is mean month of Ramadhan aaa can't wait

this month is special because one of my bestfriend gonna get married!ah so happy but unfortunately I cant come, huhu why you gotta so far!or is me who cant attend the special wedding for my bestfriend?OMG I'm sorry I cant be there on your happiest day, but I pray for your happiness n the best, aamiin

I wanna talk about Dhuha prayer, it's good and it works really for earning, sustance, ah everything works well and I feel baraka through the days, alhamdulillah, all praised to Allah