Sunday, December 25, 2011


it's good to eat outside, seeing the good panorama, but the bad thing is the wind was blowing hard T____T
but that's a good day, thank you gals :*:*

the korean people

it's like DREAM!aaaaaaaa I remember that I ever pray to God...
dear God, I wanna meet korean people and have a chat with them using Korean language, I just wanna know them...amin...

#am I wrong to pray like that?#

but God answered my pray!
one day I wanna back to dorm, but my friend lost her phone and she cried so much, poor her :(
and I told her, wish u got better than ur missing old phone, u'll get an Iphone soon hehehe

so I'm waiting till all my friends and she get back home, while waiting my cousin sms me :
where are you?now I'm otw Botani, can we meet there?miss ya
gonna tell you if I arrived botani

and I answered :
I still at campus, will be finished in a moment, okay see ya there

the surprised thing he said :
do u still remember the korean language?I have a guest from Korean ;)
WHOAAA it's like something up in my heartbeat REALLY???
I went to botani A.S.A.P lol
we met at Gramedia, and when I see my cousin were talked to someone named Lee Jin-Woo
kiwkiw he's handsome #PLAKKK

and I introduced to him, I think just one person, but actually he and 6 his friends c____c
he's a kind person, and he looks excited when I speaking korean blinkblink
some of them asked me to take a photo together
Lee Jin-Woo on left side, and Park Hoon Sung on right side of me was a kind person too, we talked a lot specially about korean actor, and singer hehe

they wrote the label
they said that korean people always busy with their smart phone *nyo?

Alhamdulillah y Allah, and thank you my cousin
if you wanna ur dreams come true, just believe to Allah by ur pray :)

the holidays

started from 21st december till 2nd january i'm in holidays yeeaaayy *i'm not in holidays actually...on 3rd january i'll have an exams, face the truth x___x
hahahha so this holidays i should be prepare for it
even the 25th december the christian were celebrated christmast
well happy christmast for people who celebrate it :)

so, i go back home from my dorms and so does my friends
and I left my laundry and it's been 4 days ago since I washed and haven't put them all yet o.o
at night, me and my brother decided to go to Botani, searching for turmeric powder, I wanna cook empal but my brother don't like it errr it's delicious rite?rite?
what I love in botani iiisss the HOTDOG!soo nyuummyy I've never seen a sausage like that in Indonesia actually, because the common sausage were so so small...
my brother send this pic to my sister in Riyadh, and she got envyy xoxoxo come here sist, I wish u were here and joined us :'(

my sister use this pic in her bbm to deceive some of her friends that she is in indonesia right now =___= *she told me that my face's similiar with her #nocomment tee hee

i'm watching the 3D tv using the glasses of 3D mihihihi #lookstacky =___=

Thursday, December 15, 2011

back 2 MinHo

it's been a long time for me after this time that I've been busy with
well all of my friends were think about it too, that is ASSIGNMENT that never stop bite us till we graduate o__________o
hehe last nite i'm searching and opened for searching minho's newly photos and I got it uooo I love his short hair, he's look more handsome and mature
I love THIS ONE <3 look at his charismatics eyes 
his cutie ways when he's smiling *blink blink *___*

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

new day everyday :)

I know that lately I always feel sad without any reason, maybe there is but I just don't know what it is, although I know, that's because when I'm sick...or I can't give a consentration while studying...hmm one more, when suddenly I feel alone nyooonyoonyooo~~

but now?
alhamdulillaah, I feel happy today, and after read Nada's blog, I got something inside truly inspiration for me to be more happy and enjoyed this life ;)

Saturday, December 10, 2011

i feel that the time goes slow

this week and last week we're got sooo many assignments!!!
the assignments are like a foods for us now!!soo nyummy, yeah so nyummy HAHA =___=
thank you thank you
thaaaannkk youuu soo muccchh

Saturday, December 3, 2011

cinut's birthday

wee hoo, we've been having a nice day yesterday!
my class were congratulated Cinut as that day was her birthday, well wish u all the best and always success girl, amin ;)
and we the India's group were going 'home' we said that house, the place which used to be a practice dance before the cultural festival was
we're goin there again, so we laughed, and we ate the cakes, Cinut brought the foods too, her mom's cooked that, soo nyummy, so sad that I don't bring my Papo ;(
but that's okay, still have my sony <3

her 18th birthday, she's wearing a white blouse

and after that we planned to have karaoke at the vista, but after having a class, and it's rained yesterday on my way to take my papo hhiiiks, but I covered Papo in my bag and my jacket so Papo is safe from the raindrops ;)
aaaaaaaaaaaannnndd after the class we went to vista, we arrived there, waiting for the others and ordered the room and WE ROCK THAT DAY hahaha
singing till drops but not for us, although we took 2 hours
here's the pict
he's not singing lol

 yeah dance dance dance

thank you my friends, that was a nice day really, how comfy love you all :*

be wise be better be mature

be wise, and be positive thinkin'
what the past is just be the past, don't ever mind about it, let it flow now let's face the future
I know nobody's perfect, including me
about the past, there are the sweet moment, unforgettable moment
and there is a bad things to remember, i mean bad moment
in this case, people always  remember the bad things what the people's done
I know I ever do mistake to someone, and i'm so sorry for that what i've done make you hurt
I know that person will never forget the things that i've done to her/him
whoever he/she is, never mind for me, just sorry
and for me, who ever make me hurt, never mind for me, I know what we say is irreversible, so let it be the past, let;s not remember about how we get hurt by someone
let's remember the good things that we've through, by doing that, sure you can through your life without no worry ;)
changing ur mind ain't easy as flipping hand, but what about if we try?
honestly, sometimes I'm tired to be myself, thinking about anyone, thinking about what i've done to my friends, debate with myself....selfish
one more thing, I wanna hide my expression of what I feel
if I sad, my friends asked me, they know from my face, from my expression o.o
"what's wrong with you?u're not happy as usual"
even I tried to hide while i'm crying like yesterday in the class

okay, I upset my with my friend, he said something and made me mad, really
but never mind, just forget it, let it be the past
maybe it's hard, but I wanna enjoy myself, try to not thinking about something too much like usual
I know it's bad for me
let's cheer up and be better than before, all I want to do is just remember the good moments, the good things 4 what people done to me and what we've been through after all this time :)

Friday, December 2, 2011

fitri's marriage

I should post this about a month ago, but I just not in my mood and don't have time and... forget hehe
I went to Depok to Tita's kos,,hmm after that we prepared but we're late u know, and that was a bad day suddenly for me and her ;(
tita said : oohh i just wanna cry tikaaah
and I said : c'mon cheer up, just don't be sad, it's alrite
grrr I wanna angry to that damn taxi =___=
beside that we've got the mis-communication specially the operator and the driver
well that's alrite, just take it as a experience on the future :)
but we're happy that we can came to her wedding's day
anyway we got the pict!taa daaa
beautiful sister masya Allah - I love this pic ;)
funny hihihi

how sweet, wondering when that time will come to me 'the marriage' waaa x___x
we're happy 4 ur wedding sister! n.n