Thursday, June 20, 2013

someone told me

yesterday I got something like fortune teller, no, yet believe it or not, just I get it as my motivation to be better in the future, and the surprising thing that he know with who I ever with...
he (that 5-letters-man) havent meet him yet, but he know for sure his name, omg I got speechless, hahaha
hmmm "he using more his logic than the feeling"

I got impressive, bcause he got that knowledge how read a person by their personality through signature, even the detail things he know, and the people that surrounding them especially family...

he asked me to be more aggressive, well im a person who always waiting for that someone I love to come to me

"how he would know?you even doesn't show him how you're feeling"
"you just like when in a football match, u're a kind person who waiting for that ball coming to you, not you who chase that ball"
"call him, and ask him"
"what do you like from him?"
"may I know when his birthday?"

that's what I get about....

and that 2nd last question to me I answered

"he's creative..."
"5th February 19** he's aquarius..."

I'm scared, I'm afraid that he may got illfeel if I asked more to that someone who I crush to...
because he's a mysterious person, and not talk too much...
but very different when I meet him, he's really a kiinnndd person!

and that person was true, he told me "you don't talk much with him bcause you've got nothing to talk about"

Friday, June 14, 2013


okay, my month, and in this month, im getting old, i mean, on last 2nd June was my birthday!
Alhamdulillah, the present from Allah for me that I can go back to Riyadh :')
through my father, on last month by May, my father called me and asked about when I'll go back to Riyadh, bcause the ticket gonna be more expensive if I take more longer, and the 2nd June was the last less expensive ticket .____________.

okay, I decided to go on that day, I just have 3 days to prepare it all, bought some of my mom's orders, almost run out of time, but thankfully I can go on time by that day :)

holiday, holiday, so can I called this a trip to Riyadh?
this is my 3rd times to go back to Riyadh since 2010 my college at Bogor
and always back there by Saudia Airlines (SA)

dan pesawat SA ternyata makin bagus men!
and the growing of its facility that I really loooveee was this:

the mini tv's, besides there's movies, cartoons, song lists, and there's a camera in front, so we can see what our pilots see there through this mini tv's, and many things, but I prefer the map one, bcause I cant wait to arrives at Riyadh, and meet my family a.s.a.p!
to make it fast, so I sleep more!still... sleep rule is the best way when we're in long trip :p

oh there's a survey too, so I completed it:

while waiting to take off, I look around by the small window beside me, and how surprised I am to see this


they're queue up! and mine was about the 2nd plane to take off at that time
cute size water

     Indonesia                                            Saudi Arabia

and it's fun to took the photos of clouds, feels like u're in some another place or in a land above the sky, how beautiful Masya Allah:

touch the sky...

while taking the photos, I found this:

Subhanallah :)

oh I found this, wondering what's that "lake"? never seen that before, and  it's green colour

yaaaay we arrived at King Khaled International Airport, how happy I am when I saw again this airport, Alhamdulillah :')

I arrived there about 18:45, and suddenly my father and sister took me to Euromache's supermarket, aaaakk my beloved supermarket after all in Riyadh!

SUPRISE!my sister asked me to choose the flowers, and they even asked me to choose the cake, and TADA!

aaah how lovely, thank you my Allah, to give me such a wonderful life, living, family, love, and Your present for me in this beautiful year!Alhamdulillah 'ala kulli hal :')