Wednesday, December 31, 2014

31th December

2015 is coming very soon!
So many new hopes and I hope for the best...

Saturday, December 20, 2014

Sweet December 2014

Alhamdulillah I feel calm, and relieved, specially when I heard how and what are the main things that important in our life, and mention them in our pray to Allah ❤
Allah, ur scenario always comes out with sweet way,I love it!the best the best alhamdulillah, subhanallah ❤

Monday, December 1, 2014

My December

Alohhaaa why do I feel very excited now?oh alhamdulillah I hope that means will be a great December, aamiin!!!

Lately I've drink honey lemon shot every morning when I wake up and night before sleep, I don't feel it changed for my weight yet but (yes I haven't take it for month!) hehe for my body yes I can feel it, more fresh and healthy, so its good, nice to try, for more info u can get it at

Friday, November 14, 2014

Brownies perdana untuk Ayah

Happy Father's Day!!oh maybe I'm late, but its okey right?hihihi
Well from last night I planned to make a brownies and looks for recipe too, and I think its  easy
And I made it after went to Euromarche and brought the ingredients, at first I feel like oooh why need this and that, need mixer but I turned out feel like why its not going as i expected, i wanna mixed it with manual-shake ah I dont know what it called but u know, my hand got stiff, then I have to use the mixer, picked it from the rack, aanndd keep going making my prime brownies hahaha
Yay, the most favorite part was put the dough into the oven, waiting for about less than 35 minutes...
And I told my father, here I made my prime brownies for you, happy father's day, kiss 
Glad the taste not bad, good for amateur like me hehehe

Tuesday, November 11, 2014


 What a beautiful date today, 11-11-2014, right?
There must be more great date, like 10-12-14 maybe?

Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Novemba and winta and lova

November this year is special, my family from Jeddah and Mekkah came to visit us as they promised when I'm at Mekkah performing Hajj, we go to Al Faisaliah tower, The Globe, I took it with panorama shot, what do u think?hehe and the winds are great!cold cold cold subhanallah
Aaanndd more special with winter, ah I love Riyadh even its common thing to get cracked lips, need to put more cream or lotion for dry skin.
Some of my friends that keep asking "when will u go back to Indonesia?" then I answered "err not sure yet, I hope soon a.s.a.p!" 

I cant wait too though, I remembered last year I almost cry when knowing that I cant attend my graduation, and even postponed for continue to scholar, well that was hard moment for me, but without Allah I'm nothing and there will always be wisdom behind this all, I believe it...
And, alhamdulillah Allah shown me the reason why keeping me here, I get it as a presents from Allah, there are lots!! So thankful and grateful, cant stop to say alhamdulillah for everything...

The Globe
The City View's Reflection from The Globe

Look, someone got really excited (or shocked maybe and she be like "wooow") until her hair's going up! 

Tuesday, October 28, 2014


Alhamdulillah for everything....

What a lovely October ;)
Doing hajj this year had a story itself, and I learn from it, specially about the power of do'a

Allah, you always made up my day, You always brighten my day, day by day through years were filled up with Your love,  thank you my Allah

this is the warm morning view at Masjidil Haram, the day of Ied Adha

this is the Mina's view, all were filled with tents

and in front of Jumrah's place, Mina

inside the Jumrah's place

Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Because of You

Aku berjalan, setapak demi setapak
Mataku memandangi sekitar
Pikiranku tak tertuju pada apa yang kupandang
Tatapanku seakan hampa

Aku teringat masa lalu
Apa yang telah ku lalui
Apa yang telah ku hadapi
Apa yang telah ku alami
Apa yang telah ku jalani

Perlahan serabut pikiran itu mengarahkanku pada satu


Kemudian aku berlari, karena wujud syukurku diberikan kedua kaki yang sehat
Kemudian aku tertawa, karena wujud syukurku diberikan hati yang bahagia
Kemudian aku tersenyum, karena wujud syukurku diberikan ketenangan
Kemudian aku percaya, karena wujud syukurku milik-Mu, Allahku

Aku tak pernah sendiri...


Hello October 
Be my month please...


never underestimate the power of do'a
I exactly remember, how excited I am to see airplane from above, and watching films about airplane, so I ever think and pray "oh Allah, how lucky I am if I could take photos with the pilots and wanna feel it how to be sit in cockpit, I'd be grateful and thankful to you if it happen for real...aamiin"

Then the miracle just begin, one day me and my mother wants to go to Jeddah, then we decided to go by bus, but something happen, then mom changed to go by airplane, I still remember we went there by Flynas airlines....

and I'm so excited, I can't stop to take a picture of the airplanes while we're waiting, and here's Flynas A320 in front of me 

when I go inside I sneak peak to the cockpit, and fortunately the door was opened hahaha ah I remember before I take a pic got caught by the Captain! tee hee
then I asked the steward, he is very nice to me anyway, can I take a picture with the pilots?and he answered, sure you can after we landed at Jeddah
such an honour!I feel really happy and thankful, I won't let this moment! 

while take off from Jeddah's airport
can't stop thankful and grateful to Allah, I'm speechless...

and finally when we landed safely at jeddah's airport, as he promised right?I waited after half of  passengers passed I asked my mom to accompany me to the cockpit, and I asked the steward whom talked to me before, then he gave me permission to enter the cockpit, but unfortunately the co-pilot was going out the plane, hikshiks

As I see the cockpit I feel speechless what in front of my eyes, and I be like, OH MY WHY NOW?I've been through CGK-RUH more than twice and just now I realized this is so meaningful! 

you know, the steward of Flynas is so nice, kind-hearted, he also asked to take a photo of me, and he's the one who asked me to take a sit in cockpit, after I say hello to Captain, and I still remember, the Captain's name is Nico, well, nice to meet you
unfortunately I forgot to asked the steward's name, he's nice really, if only I know I want to tell his manager that he deserved to get promotion! hehehe

Captain Nico and I

Allah, this is nothing without You.....
thank you Flynas, see you on next flight inshaa Allah :)

Friday, September 19, 2014

Beloved Friday

My favorite Friday was had a chance to shalah Jum'ah at Al Haram mosque in Mekkah or Nabawi mosque in Madinah
Alhamdulillah 💓💓

Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Under The Moonlight

The day after lunar moon (10/9/2014), me and my family went to madinah, we go at 11 pm, on my way I tried to lay my head towards the moon, alhamdulillah the moon at that night were shined so that light up the dark and long streets...

I saw the moon very beautiful, subhanallah, alhamdulillah, I feel thankful to Allah for this blessings so that I can enjoy the moonlight that shines beautifully...

I saw my hands which shined by moonlight, and it feels nice...
The warmth of moonlight, embraces my heart through my hands, I love it really...

I love the long roads like this, bcause thats all makes me do self-reflection of all the blessings, gifts, and this universe that u gave me, and also for human being, Allah...

Monday, September 8, 2014

Hello September

Im happy alhamdulillah, tonight I captured full moon, so beautiful masha Allah, at first my friend told me, then I asked my father to accompany me to the rooftop, or in Arabic called suthuh, hehehe

This is skyscraper in Riyadh, called Mamlaka or Kingdom 

Saturday, August 9, 2014


I talked about random things with my cousin, then suddenly talked about skydiving, after looked 'faz3's instagram, he did it from Burj Khalifa, woooww looks great!!
And then i asked her, what about if we go there n jump?but lets buy gopro camera first, whoaw suddenly we got excited, I imagined it would be really cool if I can take some picture from above!

Then some random things come into my mind (as usual, im AB's and they say the people with this type of blood are alien, bcause they always think about that the others type don't), i told my cousin, hey what if we skydiving from Burj Khalifa n then arrived in Qatar?
...... 😂😂😂

Sunday, August 3, 2014

Hello august

Ah we meet again, since last year, in the same place, same country
I hope I can go back to Indonesia very soon....
I have my own plan, my own future, my own choice...
All i have to do is to make them believe in me, i just need their supports...

Tuesday, July 22, 2014


Almost Ied Fitr, Ramadhan's month please dont go...
I miss Ramadhan's month that come in winter season...
And it's been long years ago...
I miss winter, at that time I always feel like something special comes as if it wont stop...

Friday, June 27, 2014


hi readers, I've been enthusiasm with the things about airport, even to heard the pilots say "Roger" for me that sounds cool :)
now I like to listen the conversation between the ATC and pilots, that's good so we know what's happening there, check this web to

pretty cool, and I hope Indonesia may have that one too, so we could know what's happening, why the delay for the flight and etc, right?
it's good to know also if you watch j-drama Good Luck (2003), and now I'm watching Miss Pilot (2013), from j-drama alsoo, the star is Horikita Maki...
ANA bagus banget ya promosinya, anyway I love it xD 

foam, bubble

holla, hmm, I love for what I am doing now, busy for my work, started from 9 am - 7 pm
oh well, is it tiring?REALLYYYY
okey, this is what I called the real world, oh welcome me please *applause*

what is the most u loved from ur work?

to be BARISTAAA!! *reminds me of Coffee Prince of K-drama hehehe*
but that was so fun really, specially make for cappucino, at first I got depressed of its foam, why?
bcause I steam it too hot, so no foam, no foam then it's not cappucino, it will be bad to look

and time passed, I can make it even I bcoming crazy to make that, in one day I ever made 10 times of cappucino, I called that CAPPUCINO DAY!
even latte, sometimes I make too much foam, but that's for latte, I didnt put it in the glass, just in the milk kettle, hehehhe

fun really, I love my day, but... I love u my foots, Alhamdulillah, Allah gave me healthy, oh I need a peaceful place like garden, even small garden to make me more grateful and thankful for all that Allah been gave to me :')

Saturday, May 31, 2014

d i s a p p o i n t e d

sometimes I feel disappointed to them who being rude while worship :(

for what?

Friday, May 23, 2014


actually life is fair, but sometimes people make it seems unfair -__________-

Sunday, May 11, 2014

it's May already

since about going to the end of April i'm busy, got work as a cashier, and it's fun yet crazy -___-
instead of waiting for something, well, lets take some good time to and new experience
my head full of customers, and it's machine, the food, such as "pizza margarita", "mexican nachos" etcetera....
but I enjoy it because I got a lot new experience, specially meet new people from another country, and my beloved customer are from JAPAN!
she always bought one scoop ice cream of strawberry
and she is veryvery kind, full also of smile, that's why I love Japanese people :3

me: "irrashaimase"
she: "one scoop seteroberi des"
me: "hai, cotto matte kudasai"

and I cant stop smiling hehehe *to be happy is simple*
I have a lil chit chat with her, and she asked why I love Japan (I love Korea also hehehe) and she there waiting for her daughter taking class of ballet

may may may

Tuesday, April 15, 2014

My first model aircraft : Emirates

ok, dont mind about my late post :P
Im happy that my brother bought my model aircraft of Emirates Airbus A380-800, thank you soooooo muchoooo masbro! hope in the future gonna have collections of model aircrafts from all over the world, aamiin!

this is my first model aircraft, so when my brother asked me what do u want the souvenir from Dubai? *while he there for transit*
I couldnt asked more than this one (model aircraft), yes after watched Good Luck!!! of J-Drama I wanna have it but ANA (All Nippon Airways), bcause its looks very berry coooll MUCHO <3 nbsp="" p="">

but that's okay, maybe later :p
and I thought that if I have a friend who going abroad, gonna asked it!whenever they go! hehehe
so come to mama my Emirates!Alhamdulillah :3

my brother bought me the Airbus, truthfully I want Boeing, but that's OKAY!Im happy and thankful hehehe

makes me love Dubai and hope I can go there not for transit but visiting there for vacation!aamiin

Friday, April 11, 2014

happy birthday my besties

once again after the last post on March, this is again for LATE POST
I've been busy lately for legislative election, fyuh
okey I wanna tell you about my besties birthday, Pita on March 31th
before that day, I told my friend in front of her that I wanna throw her eggs and flour on her birthday so she afraid and told me "o ow OMG OMG"

and she knew I wont sit still hahaha and I made a plan with my sista on D-day I'm gonna buy a cake and give her a little surprise :)
but dont know why I confused, my father got busy, I dont wanna make my father back and forth, so I can think about the B plan, I decided to make a different way of cake-surprise :p *rush time*

taa daaa!

I told her via WA to open the door, bcause someone wanna meet her, she answered "what?you wanna throw me with such waters or something?I know already hahaha"
"No you guess it wrong Pitoo, I just wanna come to ur house and play xbox" me a bit lying hehehe
so the photo above she already wrong guessed tee hee

See?I didnt do anything, so lets blow the candle and I gave her a present, she didnt realize that I set up the snow spray that hidden in my bag :P
I guess it wrong too, the snow spray that I just bought are still sealed!OMG, how can I pretend to checked up in my bag without suspicious of her, but success! AYE
without think twice or anything I spray onto her "DROOOSSHH"

well I got you Pito, peaceee *TEE HEE and BIG GREEN*

well once again happy belated birthday my beloved besties Pito, all the best wishes for you, may you always in health, happiness, and success,  may our friendship always be full of joy and care, aamiin ;)
 always thankful and grateful to Allah, that Allah have a good scenario, who knows after we spend much time when we're at Bogor, now we met again in Riyadh, Alhamdulillah ;)
I just throw back time when we met started at elementary school until senior high at SIR (Indonesian School of Riyadh)
and continued at Bogor, and continued again until now hahahha
soon to be continued too!inshaa Allah
all praise is to Allah

hope you like it pitoo :D

she is Yumna, called Yumyum, Pita's lil sister, she's cute right?she loves the snow spray hehe

Sunday, March 23, 2014

Red Sand

late post!
about three weeks ago I went to Red Sand at Muzaimiah in Riyadh
the view are sooo beautiful, makes me feel grateful and thankful to Allah, well on my way to the top of the sand, its a bit tired yet fun!
and I understand for the climbers feel when they're got much of effort and when they're at up already, all the struggles that they've been through got paid
and more special bcause I went there with my bestfriend Puspitaa ayaaay
but I think it's gonna be good if going there when winter, bcause I got my tomato face .___.
bcause the scenery was very very beautiful masya Allah, so I turn my camera on!yaaay
love it at the first sight x)
thank you for my bestfriend Eka too, she invited me there :D

got this unique, I guess everyone know this, when you about going to Makkah road from Riyadh, u must be see this spot

and this too, oh well so I heard that whenever you go somewhere new, dont sleep and take some good pic *some travelers advice* hahaha

I love this, the contrast between the sand and the green field, mm could we say it the green field in the middle of sand?

 me and Intan (pita's sister) yes I got my tomato face, so hot here hiks, but some sand feel cool and some warm, so I recommend while uphill the sand take off ur shoes, better with bare feet, more easy and of course avoid the heels!

sista Eka, she's so beautiful masya Allah, rite? :D

thank you Allah for all the beautiful life that u gave me, Alhamdulillah :')

honestly I wanna took closer the car while drifting in the sand but if only I have a zoom lens hiks :(

the most part that I've been waiting for was the sunset!the first thought when I heard from my friend
me and pitaa

Sunday, March 2, 2014


hey hey im so excited tonight, waiting for my best friend Pita to come to RIYADH tomorrow!
yaaay, how beautiful Allah's scenario, well at first when I cant comeback to Indonesia and cant wear my gown on my graduation day, I'm a bit dissappointed, but all been covered now, Allah have the way to make me happier, Alhamdulillah ;')

gonna have a niceeee daay  

Wednesday, February 19, 2014

my first martabak

i made it YAY!
so my friend's here held a thanksgiving, and this is first time made martabak, after all this time I just watching my mom's when she made it
and I made it without my mom!hehe and its delishoooo
u want some?but it's finished already hehehehe

dont drool here! :p