Saturday, May 21, 2016


I know people make mistakes, including myself

but that's life we have to learn and learn

never stop learning, they said "experience are the best teacher"

When I was in school, I kept asked myself, why the problems keep coming, such an neverending story, one come and once its done then another one's coming, until I realized that what it called the colourful of life 

Personally the sad truth when they said "people come to make you learn to get the message" 

Doesnt enough been learned 12 years?

Well, the baraka on Friday

Monday, May 16, 2016

I have to do

Life is a choice, they said

I'm sure that every people in this world ever had to choose in between 2 or 3 things or even more 

So do I, never thought that everything's come without God's permission, and also reason behind it all

Everything I asked to Allah, its all need patience for the right time, never too late nor too soon 

But, when Allah answer every single prayer, don't you feel afraid you might forget and disobey for what He asked you to do, because too much enjoying for everything you have... And become negligent Oh nauzubillah

Go get yourself together, or you might got it bcause you deserve to get them all
Be thankful, and still low profile....

Wednesday, May 4, 2016

Send it

There are times when you might just type and send without thinking how the receiver might feel about you

It's happen just because you just write as how the idea comes out without meaning anything, as if you didnt write now you might lose it at the moment 


The one who might understand are the closest people to ya

Tuesday, May 3, 2016

Something new

It's good when we're about to improve ourselves through gain knowledge, get a job, find a new experience in life, take a journey through travelling, etc

I read some comment about life, they said we did that so to make ourselves busy, just to fill our free time before salah/prayer time

In my opinion, that in the end life is all about us and God, I shared to my cousin, then she said "God didnt control our life, it's a good deed that Allah give, of course Allah controlled our earnings, fortune etc but not what we're gonna do. In the end, if Allah controls that, He may asked Himself, so what we do is our responsibility, and Allah will ask for what have we done in this world"

Now, I asked myself why I did something to fill my free time with taking a course of Arabic n English language, continuing to college here, and also got a job, well I love new experiences, and I hate when I got to say "nothin to do" it may bring back the memories back then, it's good when it's about good things that I've done, but if it's something embarrassing things I'll be like OMG help me to forget bout this things by make me really happy till I forgot bout it all!!!

Just like in the end of the last year....
I dont want to remember, it's just make me sad, down, depressed, I even think that I dislike myself...
I even think why I have this way, and what's the good things behind this all, I hate if in the end I'll be like blame this to God, oh Nauzubillah....
I seek for forgiveness God!

Phew I think it's been long time I didn't tell the stories, I just feel relieved if I write here, OMG the problem that I don't like reading, I prefer scanning, scamming than reading by details...ergh I know we gotta get a lot of new information, but of course I like reading newspapers, I mean here a book, such a ...well you know what I mean...