Friday, March 5, 2010

can't calm

well bcause that I have the same dream these 3 days, and what I've been dream is about my accepted in my college IPB, wish it'll come true insya Allah, allahumma amiin x)
I've been dream that I opened that website and saw the announcement me and Icha are accepted in IPB's university, aaaaaaamiiiiiiiiiiiinn xD

and I heard from Tita yesterday or last yesterday maybe, she said that the announcement will be late, coz like last year, the announcement after UN ><
omg, what a time --"

and my friends told me that I should find cadangan :D:D

what about tomorrow?
tomorrow will be 3rd of try out
c'mon tikaaa just don't waste ur time !
talk less do more yea :D

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