Saturday, July 3, 2010

humm 3rd of july

g jadi ikut reuni?itu pasti -____-
dikarenakan hari nampaknya yg kurang tepat, yaitu pada hari sabtu dmana orang2 indonesia merasakan weekend, dan pastinyya MACET

oh nooo ><
so today i'm going to pita's house with icha, and maybe we'll going to find a red map for our registration to IPB on 5th of july deg deg deg xD
and we'll start our college *i mean me n icha* on 12th of july, we can say matriculation or in indonesia matrikulasi :P

about last night, i think i miss my family, and why my heart feels broken, that cause i've many things to think about.....
i shouldn't do that, and beside that i've been jealous with my brother, cause my mom lately didn't call me, but call him -______- hohohoho

i'm afraid my heart will change....
i wanna keep my heart who i fall in love with, but sometimes i do hesitant my heart, am I ever falling in love ?
why do I feel easy to like someone?
and why do I easy to forget someone?
I don't understand...with my heart now what should i do? ><

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