Thursday, June 20, 2013

someone told me

yesterday I got something like fortune teller, no, yet believe it or not, just I get it as my motivation to be better in the future, and the surprising thing that he know with who I ever with...
he (that 5-letters-man) havent meet him yet, but he know for sure his name, omg I got speechless, hahaha
hmmm "he using more his logic than the feeling"

I got impressive, bcause he got that knowledge how read a person by their personality through signature, even the detail things he know, and the people that surrounding them especially family...

he asked me to be more aggressive, well im a person who always waiting for that someone I love to come to me

"how he would know?you even doesn't show him how you're feeling"
"you just like when in a football match, u're a kind person who waiting for that ball coming to you, not you who chase that ball"
"call him, and ask him"
"what do you like from him?"
"may I know when his birthday?"

that's what I get about....

and that 2nd last question to me I answered

"he's creative..."
"5th February 19** he's aquarius..."

I'm scared, I'm afraid that he may got illfeel if I asked more to that someone who I crush to...
because he's a mysterious person, and not talk too much...
but very different when I meet him, he's really a kiinnndd person!

and that person was true, he told me "you don't talk much with him bcause you've got nothing to talk about"

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