Sunday, July 28, 2013

Photo Contest

lately I got bored, got nothing to do here, I need activity to be out somewhere, but still, because of something problem with my passport so I couldn't back to Indonesia for a while until it's done
so Im thinking about related to photography, but thankfully Riyadh Connect's page in facebook were held a photo contest about food :
here's the link

and I tried to sent my photos, the original one and edited one, bcause one of the requirements that I read that must sent the original photo

bcause there's my friend's hand so I cut that side and focused by the food, and I thought about like 'my mark', at first wanna AR photography, but sounds like common maybe, or ARa, make it shorted from my name Atikah Rahmasari, but I think ARi better, AR(i), means AR is me or I

I checked out many times that page, but mine arent showing up yet, wish me luucck x) 

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