Sunday, September 8, 2013

oh! it's September!

hello readers!back again, after month?
nowadays I love and got enthusiastic so I wanna know more about food photography, so Im just like insta-person, wherever and whenever I eat, specially when I eat outside, take a piicc fiiirsst hehe :p
this photo must be late post bcause it's must be about last month, my friend, Farah made sushiii, and k Afaf made bashamel and it's very nyummmyy

check it out, cekidot :)

bashamel and sushi? a nice try for those who got insomnia, believe me, there's no such a pill to get sleep, just eat these and you're gonna get sleepy, a nice night!

sushi (tuna, rice, cucumber and carrot, seaweed)

this one abang Faris bought me CINNAMON!oh how I loveeee cinnamon, no matter what for me Cinnamon was always delishooo

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