Wednesday, January 1, 2014

happy brand new year

AYEEEY January 1st of 2014!

there are many new hopes, no, not just bcause I have to face this new year, but those hopes already been in mind about long time ago, some of maybe?

oh the 1st thing I wanna say is HAPPY BIRTHDAY MY  BELOVED MOM!
how sweet she was born on the first date of the year :D

byebye 2013, and I hope I can achieve my dreams, my hopes, and can through of each day with love and joy in every years forward!

oh yesterday I just celebrated one of my friends birthday, umm not my friend, bcause he's 39th, hehe should I call him uncle?I call him uncle or in Indonesian called "oom" instead :D
and we have so much fun there, thank you Allah for the precious things u gave me in every day, love u!

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