Wednesday, February 15, 2017


I just found myself that I cant stand in winter for too long hahaha weird!
back then when I was in SHS, I used to hope for the winter stay long than summer, since in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia in summer can up to 6 months, maybe?

btw, I miss Cairo already!since I arrived in Riyadh on the 1st January 2017...

5 days of trip there, so much fun!took every moments with camera, actually a bit regret back then on 2006 when I got a chance to go to Bangkok, I don't really like taking pictures, if only I know how much worth it was, I may taking picture as much as I can -____-

now the pictures only I got from FB lol

thanks to friends and thank you for tagging me also wkwkwkw

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