Friday, February 5, 2010

have a bad day and a bad time

well dunno why maybe I'm too tired, so I came back at home after ashar, I wanna ol with him, but bcause my sister still using this laptop, so I decide to waiting 4 her, but it's too loooooooooooooongg T____________T

till I got tired so I went slept, and when I'm sleeping, my mother's friend call to my handphone, errgghh I gave it to my mom and continued my sleeping, it's bad --"

till about 1.30 am, he sent me a message, and at that time I realized "MY GOD I'VE BEEN SLEPT TILL NOW????"

i'm so sorry T_______T

skrang jam 05.03 pagi, mw tidur tapi pusing, mual ><
my body is not delicious => gak enak badan =))

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