Tuesday, January 10, 2012

homesick ?

it's been 5 months ago that I've been in Riyadh, from July till August about one month and now I'm here, back to Bogor for college
I miss my homey T________T
wanna go back there, oh now my school have many things that have changed, in every class now have LCD or proyector, aand so on uh I just dont wanna see at photos, I just wanna see by myself, by my own eyes!
miss Riyadh so damn much
I miss Faisaliah, Kingdom, Takashushi, aaah and everything there, the most that I miss is MY FAMILY!
I miss my parents and kissing and hug them, my brother, my sister, I miss the time where I do the prank to my brother hahaha
thankful to Allah alhamdulillah for what Allah given to me...
thank you my Allah :')

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