Saturday, January 14, 2012

doesn't matter

Bogor was raining, these 5 days lately, well Bogor city as we know were called "kota hujan" or "the city of rain" but this year I think the rain just too much, all day long and it makes people don't get their mood to go out right?including me and my besties, grrr
today we got a plan to go out walked around Bogor, but the rain were ruined our plan T___T
thanks that I have a film I bought before the exam hehehe
got failed in the A plan?doesn't matter, I still have B
all-day I've spent time at home watching the korean drama's HEARTSTRINGS which for me that was a DAMN GOOD dramas plus romantic tic tic!xoxo
i'm a big fans of Park Shin Hye! she's beautiful and I love everything what she wore in this drama so so lovely
I adore her x)
and the OST of this dramas were good
well happy holidays! #enjoytherainingoutside

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