Wednesday, April 18, 2012

the things etc

오랜만이야 hehe

uh I dont have idea what to tell about but now i'm busy preparing for my apprentice in this semester, well wish me luck guys :)

I got a request from pita to be her cousin's photographer for pre-wed aaaah so happy and I cant wait #lets do our best for the 1st photo shoots :3
pita wanna be the director for this ;)
I love photography, and I love to meet the new things, the new objects, but the sad things is sometimes I dont have a time to do that bcause of assigment from campus :'(
or it is just me who dont want to do it for a while?:p ehehe
ya I love to spend my spare time to take a rest, browsing or something else even cook is my new hobby, I wanna be like my mother, she's very very talented for this!I love and miss the foods which made by mom :'(
but again, the time was my obstacle, I went home just about 3 days, maybe less than that
back to my dorm for 4 days, in some week if I got many assigments till make me can't go home, and i feel sorry for my brother alone at home teehee

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