Thursday, May 3, 2012

friends, cure my pain

yes, on my last post about losted phone, stealed by someone I don't know that person :(

I cried a lot, a lot, so damn much I can't stopped this tears were flowed on my cheeks
I can't stop thinking and finding about the positive things from this tragedy
I know Allah may have something to show us about something....

cuma ga rela aja, itu BB punya abang hasil jerih payah dia menabung dan pada akhirnya berujung pada sad ending, well I hope my BB will come back to me by Allah's way, amiin >.<

but my brother makes me calm
he said "it's alright, if I have more fortune we may buy the new one"
and I answered "no, we may find that BB by the counter's in ***** :'("
"just buy the same as the old"
thank u my bro, and really sorry T___T
I regret for the tragedy on last day
I feel calm now

and after that day means tomorrow means today :3
to see my friends face
to see their laugh
to see them one by one
to see them talked each other
to see them cheering me up

I feel I just forget about what happened yesterday
they cured this pain

specially for Icha today, we made up today
just went to botani and laughing all the time like there's no pain yesterday
u're right
she said "now u've cried, is that BB will come back to u now?"
"no" *shaked my head
"that's fate, even u go anywhere, wether u going by angkot or not, ur BB may be lost on that day no matter what, that's fate"
"hiks" *tears dropped*
"now want u to eat?"
"or..let's buy the ice cream?"
"yes" *smile*

but back then we dont buy any ice cream :))

all that I've think about just to see them
friends is everything, thank u :') :*
u all are the best!

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