Wednesday, September 26, 2012

wake me up when september almost end?

I remember in last August, which almost in the end month of August in this year, I said in my mind "oh no, September is near...wish if I could say wake me up when September end" because 2 months in Riyadh were awesome!I've got many new experience, thank you my Allah :')

but now?

yeah almost done the month of it!we're gonna face the October -___-
so what now?wake me up when October end?what about wake me up when 2012 end, hahaha
u're gonna wake up in 2013 :p

random feelings, I can't sleep, tomorrow I have class at 7 o'clock, last morning I almost late, woke up at 6.30! phew luckily i'm not at home but at my dorm which take about 3 minutes to campus by transportation called Angkot

sorry readers, if you don't understand or don't know what I'm talking about just press X button T___T

I cant control my mind, I hate this situation, hate of waiting, which means waiting for the answer...exactly from God...
I do
I do really hope the answer from God by the situation...

I decided to call my Mom by phone, asked her how to control my mind (how fool even I as myself don't know the solution) and she made me relaxed, thank you so much for your support :')
so glad now I don't think about it too much as before, just let it flow, and I don't know how the situation is, where the time make us meet each other...

and, I tried to make myself busy with campus activity, I joined the volley club, having fun with my friends, oh how tiring specially facing the problem with ourselves, our mind...

the problem wont be a problem if our mind take it as not a problem...

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