Tuesday, October 2, 2012

o c t o b e r

oh welcoming you OCTOBER!like the others said when they welcoming the 1st of any month "please be a nice month"

yeah so do I may say that too, be more nice than last month!hmm no, be better, in everyday, wherever and whenever

what I feel right now?about welcoming the 1st october?hell no it's 2nd already hihi :p
I miss you so much my family!

that's the words I can say right now, almost one month that I'm here since 7th september

I have no story that I want to tell today, but I feel free because I don't have many assignments that I should do as how I've done on last semester phew!

I got many time to sleep > still sleep rules!uh?hahaha :p

some of my friends told me that I'm kind of person who can sleep in anywhere, any place, in anytime, YEAH!

u know why?

becauuuseee when u sleep, u can forget all the things that u think it as a problem, and u can get relaxed, just when you wake up.

oh I'm gonna have a volley ball competition on Sunday's next week, as represent for my campus, wish me luck! ;)

one more, unimportant thing > i'm craving for rainbow cake!!please somebody who can buy this cake for me :(

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