Sunday, March 23, 2014

Red Sand

late post!
about three weeks ago I went to Red Sand at Muzaimiah in Riyadh
the view are sooo beautiful, makes me feel grateful and thankful to Allah, well on my way to the top of the sand, its a bit tired yet fun!
and I understand for the climbers feel when they're got much of effort and when they're at up already, all the struggles that they've been through got paid
and more special bcause I went there with my bestfriend Puspitaa ayaaay
but I think it's gonna be good if going there when winter, bcause I got my tomato face .___.
bcause the scenery was very very beautiful masya Allah, so I turn my camera on!yaaay
love it at the first sight x)
thank you for my bestfriend Eka too, she invited me there :D

got this unique, I guess everyone know this, when you about going to Makkah road from Riyadh, u must be see this spot

and this too, oh well so I heard that whenever you go somewhere new, dont sleep and take some good pic *some travelers advice* hahaha

I love this, the contrast between the sand and the green field, mm could we say it the green field in the middle of sand?

 me and Intan (pita's sister) yes I got my tomato face, so hot here hiks, but some sand feel cool and some warm, so I recommend while uphill the sand take off ur shoes, better with bare feet, more easy and of course avoid the heels!

sista Eka, she's so beautiful masya Allah, rite? :D

thank you Allah for all the beautiful life that u gave me, Alhamdulillah :')

honestly I wanna took closer the car while drifting in the sand but if only I have a zoom lens hiks :(

the most part that I've been waiting for was the sunset!the first thought when I heard from my friend
me and pitaa

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