Friday, April 11, 2014

happy birthday my besties

once again after the last post on March, this is again for LATE POST
I've been busy lately for legislative election, fyuh
okey I wanna tell you about my besties birthday, Pita on March 31th
before that day, I told my friend in front of her that I wanna throw her eggs and flour on her birthday so she afraid and told me "o ow OMG OMG"

and she knew I wont sit still hahaha and I made a plan with my sista on D-day I'm gonna buy a cake and give her a little surprise :)
but dont know why I confused, my father got busy, I dont wanna make my father back and forth, so I can think about the B plan, I decided to make a different way of cake-surprise :p *rush time*

taa daaa!

I told her via WA to open the door, bcause someone wanna meet her, she answered "what?you wanna throw me with such waters or something?I know already hahaha"
"No you guess it wrong Pitoo, I just wanna come to ur house and play xbox" me a bit lying hehehe
so the photo above she already wrong guessed tee hee

See?I didnt do anything, so lets blow the candle and I gave her a present, she didnt realize that I set up the snow spray that hidden in my bag :P
I guess it wrong too, the snow spray that I just bought are still sealed!OMG, how can I pretend to checked up in my bag without suspicious of her, but success! AYE
without think twice or anything I spray onto her "DROOOSSHH"

well I got you Pito, peaceee *TEE HEE and BIG GREEN*

well once again happy belated birthday my beloved besties Pito, all the best wishes for you, may you always in health, happiness, and success,  may our friendship always be full of joy and care, aamiin ;)
 always thankful and grateful to Allah, that Allah have a good scenario, who knows after we spend much time when we're at Bogor, now we met again in Riyadh, Alhamdulillah ;)
I just throw back time when we met started at elementary school until senior high at SIR (Indonesian School of Riyadh)
and continued at Bogor, and continued again until now hahahha
soon to be continued too!inshaa Allah
all praise is to Allah

hope you like it pitoo :D

she is Yumna, called Yumyum, Pita's lil sister, she's cute right?she loves the snow spray hehe

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