Sunday, May 11, 2014

it's May already

since about going to the end of April i'm busy, got work as a cashier, and it's fun yet crazy -___-
instead of waiting for something, well, lets take some good time to and new experience
my head full of customers, and it's machine, the food, such as "pizza margarita", "mexican nachos" etcetera....
but I enjoy it because I got a lot new experience, specially meet new people from another country, and my beloved customer are from JAPAN!
she always bought one scoop ice cream of strawberry
and she is veryvery kind, full also of smile, that's why I love Japanese people :3

me: "irrashaimase"
she: "one scoop seteroberi des"
me: "hai, cotto matte kudasai"

and I cant stop smiling hehehe *to be happy is simple*
I have a lil chit chat with her, and she asked why I love Japan (I love Korea also hehehe) and she there waiting for her daughter taking class of ballet

may may may

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