Wednesday, October 1, 2014


Hello October 
Be my month please...


never underestimate the power of do'a
I exactly remember, how excited I am to see airplane from above, and watching films about airplane, so I ever think and pray "oh Allah, how lucky I am if I could take photos with the pilots and wanna feel it how to be sit in cockpit, I'd be grateful and thankful to you if it happen for real...aamiin"

Then the miracle just begin, one day me and my mother wants to go to Jeddah, then we decided to go by bus, but something happen, then mom changed to go by airplane, I still remember we went there by Flynas airlines....

and I'm so excited, I can't stop to take a picture of the airplanes while we're waiting, and here's Flynas A320 in front of me 

when I go inside I sneak peak to the cockpit, and fortunately the door was opened hahaha ah I remember before I take a pic got caught by the Captain! tee hee
then I asked the steward, he is very nice to me anyway, can I take a picture with the pilots?and he answered, sure you can after we landed at Jeddah
such an honour!I feel really happy and thankful, I won't let this moment! 

while take off from Jeddah's airport
can't stop thankful and grateful to Allah, I'm speechless...

and finally when we landed safely at jeddah's airport, as he promised right?I waited after half of  passengers passed I asked my mom to accompany me to the cockpit, and I asked the steward whom talked to me before, then he gave me permission to enter the cockpit, but unfortunately the co-pilot was going out the plane, hikshiks

As I see the cockpit I feel speechless what in front of my eyes, and I be like, OH MY WHY NOW?I've been through CGK-RUH more than twice and just now I realized this is so meaningful! 

you know, the steward of Flynas is so nice, kind-hearted, he also asked to take a photo of me, and he's the one who asked me to take a sit in cockpit, after I say hello to Captain, and I still remember, the Captain's name is Nico, well, nice to meet you
unfortunately I forgot to asked the steward's name, he's nice really, if only I know I want to tell his manager that he deserved to get promotion! hehehe

Captain Nico and I

Allah, this is nothing without You.....
thank you Flynas, see you on next flight inshaa Allah :)

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