Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Novemba and winta and lova

November this year is special, my family from Jeddah and Mekkah came to visit us as they promised when I'm at Mekkah performing Hajj, we go to Al Faisaliah tower, The Globe, I took it with panorama shot, what do u think?hehe and the winds are great!cold cold cold subhanallah
Aaanndd more special with winter, ah I love Riyadh even its common thing to get cracked lips, need to put more cream or lotion for dry skin.
Some of my friends that keep asking "when will u go back to Indonesia?" then I answered "err not sure yet, I hope soon a.s.a.p!" 

I cant wait too though, I remembered last year I almost cry when knowing that I cant attend my graduation, and even postponed for continue to scholar, well that was hard moment for me, but without Allah I'm nothing and there will always be wisdom behind this all, I believe it...
And, alhamdulillah Allah shown me the reason why keeping me here, I get it as a presents from Allah, there are lots!! So thankful and grateful, cant stop to say alhamdulillah for everything...

The Globe
The City View's Reflection from The Globe

Look, someone got really excited (or shocked maybe and she be like "wooow") until her hair's going up! 

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