Friday, November 14, 2014

Brownies perdana untuk Ayah

Happy Father's Day!!oh maybe I'm late, but its okey right?hihihi
Well from last night I planned to make a brownies and looks for recipe too, and I think its  easy
And I made it after went to Euromarche and brought the ingredients, at first I feel like oooh why need this and that, need mixer but I turned out feel like why its not going as i expected, i wanna mixed it with manual-shake ah I dont know what it called but u know, my hand got stiff, then I have to use the mixer, picked it from the rack, aanndd keep going making my prime brownies hahaha
Yay, the most favorite part was put the dough into the oven, waiting for about less than 35 minutes...
And I told my father, here I made my prime brownies for you, happy father's day, kiss 
Glad the taste not bad, good for amateur like me hehehe

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