Monday, December 1, 2014

My December

Alohhaaa why do I feel very excited now?oh alhamdulillah I hope that means will be a great December, aamiin!!!

Lately I've drink honey lemon shot every morning when I wake up and night before sleep, I don't feel it changed for my weight yet but (yes I haven't take it for month!) hehe for my body yes I can feel it, more fresh and healthy, so its good, nice to try, for more info u can get it at


Anonymous said...

Try to infuse it with green tea and ginger.
The effect is amazing.
I've lost 3kilo in 2 weeks ;-)

Atikah Rahmasari said...

Ah really?is it in one shot or with infused water?
Thnks bfore for ur advice 😊😊

Anonymous said...

Infused with hot water.
Hope it helps, you're welcome im glad to share it with you ;-)