Monday, February 16, 2015

Lets make a cake

At first my expectation on making a cake is such an easy thing to do, but in reality I messed up hahaha
I used to cook such chicken soup, boiled vegetables, sambal (Indonesian chilly paste?), fried chicken, fish, bbq, etc. But when it turned out into something sweet as cake, it's different, I dont know why it's so hard, but something new also, I used to watch my mom while she made for Ied Fitr, seems fun n easy...
Things that made different are the tools, and ingredients for sure...
On my last post, my first cakes were oreo cheesecake and baked brownies, to be truth I made them just as I want, I make sure I made them with my instinct only hahaha, well I know that was wrong if it for the first time, if you make it for more than third or forth you can do it by instinct after looks it's process
So that's why I messed up, the baked brownies not very good, I can say its average hehe I didn't measure of its ingredients, and also the oreo cheesecake, through youtube I saw it use a little bit of lemon juice, but I use half of lemon slice, and bcause I'm cinnamon addict, I use about one spoon, so in the end my sister told me it's a bit sour n the cinnamon's flavor are so strong, n I didn't measure it all so it didn't turned out as expected hahaha
So this time, I make sure to be better than before, I prepared all that needed, blended and follow the instructions but still, I forgot to boiled the water first n prepare the cake layer that fit with steamer pot ohhh myyy
Then I rushed up bcause I'm afraid the dough will become harden, but in the end I'm happy bcause it comes out as expected!!! Horraaayy alhamdulillah
Here's the pic, sorry for not good looking steamed brownies these two photos hehehe

Looks so round, and I put it upside down, when I look its bottom feels like oh what about if I put cream on the top n make a black forest? Hahaha

Well, bcause I loved food photography, lets make them looks beautiful hahaha give it a chocolate paste, and click! #proud 

Oh I can make a cake now yeaay, but need to learn more, in Indonesian we called Brownies Kukus, glad when I tasted its puffy n nice, I made this without mom's help, and in the end my mom asked me, did u put vanili in? Then I answered oh cmon mom why did u just tell me did I put it or no after the brownies put in the steamer n almost cooked?next time kay hihihi

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Anonymous said...

Not bad,looks delicious though :-P