Monday, April 6, 2015

Dust, dust everywhere

About few days ago Riyadh were covered in dust after sandstorm attack...
And at that time no one in the house, my parents in Madinah, my eldest brother at embassy, while me at where my sister's work
And as we came back home, I can see such a little fog in my house,no that's not fog actually, but dust really...
Errr as we leave the house we didn't turn on the fan in the kitchen and bathroom, so I can make a footprints as I step in hahaha
And the day after I can see all was covered in dust, I can't sleep well, bcause as I breathe in, I can smell the dust, make me breathless...
Well, I got new homework to clean the house bfore my parents come, you know bcause of the sandstorm attack has caused many delay for flights, even my parents had to stay in the Madinah's airport for 29 hours!
But glad that they come home safely, Alhamdulillah

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