Friday, April 17, 2015

Random question

Lately I love asking my mom about simple things, or maybe unimportant?
But that's little things questions are meaningful for me, sometimes mom's answer moved my heart...
And today I asked her

I: ma, klo dede bilang ke mama dede lapar, mama sedih ga?
M: ya iyalah nak, namanya jg orangtua, hehehe (ekspresi sedih sejenak n diiringi tawa)

I laughed then smiled and to be honest I feel moved..

then I asked my mom again,
I: ma, sebagai orangtua klo anaknya ngerasa sakit, justru orangtuanya malah yang lebih ngrasa pedih yah?
M: pasti nak, plagi klo disakitin,n klo anak kecil lebih kasian lagi

those random questions that's because I just being curious how my mom feels for being mom, so I hope I understand more about her...
N sometimes I asked my dad too, but I found out that my dad's answer are funny, bcause he answered with funny expression, well my daddy's full of humor hehehe

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