Sunday, May 3, 2015

Eat well and live well

It feels like just yesterday we celebrated the new year, now we're almost in the middle of the year...
Okay, I'm happy bcause I eat noodle, what's better than noodle on the day like this?

When you feel bored, and you wanna eat but not heavy food yet snacks, then it's the answer hehehe
Who's in the whole world that doesn't love it?
Lemme introduce you and even recommend to eat Noodle Box
There are lots of menu, but bcause I can't taste yet all of it so I choose the one that represent of it all hahahaa, it's "combination" and tastes veryyyy good!! the place are nice too!
And the services were good,ah thanks a lot,inshaa Allah I will come again hehehe
Special thanks to my friends that accompanied me there

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