Saturday, May 30, 2015

Tum to the bang

After all this time, this is my first time getting sick from radang tenggorokan,oh my, it feels so bad, but still thankful to God for everything, so it's started I feel pain in my back as if getting hit...

Then about last night suddenly I got fever, and hard to swallow things, I didn't check my throat, then after in the morning I just checked and shocked to see both of my tonsils get bigger and that's whats caused for me hard to swallow..
So my mom gave me massage on my back, and how much I loved the part when my mom rub my back, I know she must been really worried bout me :(

Then mom took me to the clinic and I just had a feeling maybe I will get infusion, as what I think, the doctor told me injection, omg at first I think like what?getting injection where?butt or arm?hahaha

Then as expected I got infusion, the nurse gave me Perfalgan (pain relief) and while infusing she gave also the antibiotic, and from my search about pharyngitis (radang tenggorokan) if I'm not mistaken, it's only works for the bacteria, and this pharyngitis caused by virus, well just listen to the doctor, rite?
And I salute to the nurse who put exactly the infusion in my right arm as I know from my besties told me my vein are bold so hard to find, so my bestie seen it in my wrist...

And aaaand I lie in the bed, and start to thinking as I saw my mom, as long as you're here, I'm okay mom, well it's remind me back then at 2011, when I'm sick and had to stay at the hospital, caused of DBD but only my 2nd and 3rd elder brothers accompanied me, and at that time I feel really down, sad, upset, all mixed up, it's my first time got opname and I hope It won't happened again, nauzubillah...

I was sad when I really really need her, she weren't here, I envied to all my friends who had their mom next to them, and they can sleep on their beloved and comfortable bed, but me?

I exactly remember how much I blamed the mosquitoes, and since that day I think that the lizards are my friends!Hahahaha but luckily I just had to stay 3 days, bcause when the doctor want to take my sample blood, before that I motivate myself and drunk 2 glasses of guava juices to increasing my hemoglobin and it works! Alhamdulillah, well I just wanna go home and back to my routine... 

And one day a lizard ever jump then reached my right hand, hiiii it's feel a lil sticky hahahaha but it's okay, they're my friends, keeping eating my enemy please!u're doing a good job!

So it's really different when you're sick then there's mom around u, it's like a magic, as long as she's here, when I'm sick or not, I'm okay, may Allah always keepin both my parents stay healthy, aamiin!

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