Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Early gift in January

Whenever me and my Father going to Sumaysi, we often passed this mosque, I remember back then even from afar I attracted with its architectures

Sometimes, we missed a little pray that might we asked from the deepest, then got forgot but not forgotten till one day it happened, we remember, and that's when Allah gives the surprise!

In some of my experiences sometimes Allah answers my du'a when I'm about to give up (maybe) almost forgot....
So that's when they say 'the miracles begin when you are about to quit'

I don't know at the time when I entered the Guest House, the place that only specifics people can go into, and of course we called them 'guests of honour'

And I'll be like 'wut da...?' Aga2 norak atuhlah maap yak hehehe

Ah so this is how it feels surrounded by the guardians

Unforgettable moment, alhamdulillah 

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