Tuesday, June 21, 2016


I admit that when I was in Junior High School, I want to be in Senior High School, aand so on, wondering what will I be in the next 10 years at that moment, life is just like a flash, now I am here, right at 10 years ago where I was wondering back then

One thing that I miss and I learned from that, sometimes I wanna reach the future eagerly, then forgot how to enjoy the moment that should be...

So I dont want that to be happen twice, now everythings that I have now, what I'm going through good and bad, I wanna enjoy it as much as possible, if I wanna go to holiday and watching KDrama, sleeping 8 hours, enjoying the holiday, I'll try to be patience and believe that day will come, as now I wanna enjoy the weekend but still in weekdays, so I havw to enjoy them while waiting that weekend will come!!

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