Thursday, July 7, 2016


the best things about having siblings :

- My older sister dont mind if I asked her to put pants on me like a baby, ups big baby?hahahha
- I dont mind changing clothes in front of her as long as she didn't stare at me
- My older brothers don't mind if I asked them for help, dropped me to somewhere else 
- I am the youngest in the family, so my brothers never mad on me if I pranked them hahahaha
- My sister is the only one who got awkward whenever I hug her
- I only show my crankiness to my siblings, whatever I've done my siblings always be the one who understand and accept the way you are
- You can be whatever you want as long it's not negative things to your siblings, I have a time when to annoy them tee hee
- Family is a place where you can say anything, telling stories a whole day and what you've been through
- The family's support is such a life's motivation

How about you? 

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